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The Carrero Art Studio*
of Drawing and Painting


The "Carrero Art Studio"

What do Arthur Streeton, Fred Mc Cubbin, James Buvelot, Tom Roberts, Clara Southern, Jane Southerland, Elizabeth Parsons, Jane Price, May Vale and many others have in common?

They used to gather every week (Ö and that went on for over 50 years) at what became known as The Heidelberg School, near Melbourne, a painterís guild of the late 1800ís. They painted together, learned from each other and taught every one that came along wanting to learn. They grew and nurtured their market, organized their own exhibitions and sold their art.


Full and Half day Workshops
Last Saturday of every month

Half day:  $30.00 per workshop
Full day: $55.00 per workshop

-Please enquire as to times and locations each month-

Cost includes primed board, picture, cleaning rag, brush holder, table or floor easel and tuition.

Workshops consist of painting and drawing explained demonstrations with subjects such as portraits, landscapes, seascapes and still life.
Limited to 7 students owed to building capacity... (unless conducted outdoors by popular request).

Art Classes:

1st 2nd and 3rd Saturdays, 5:00 to 8:00 pm
Fridays at 6:00 pm

(Other times available on request.)

$25.00 per session for the duration of the chosen course.

All art supplies available in our premises at a 20% to 30% off retail prices.

Register now!
Phone / Fax: 61 02 4647 0988

Mobile: 0413 147 136

Course outline:

I teach individually. That means everyone follows the same basic system but at their own pace and with their own choice of subject, be it portrait or anything else. My mediums are oil painting and graphite pencils or sticks.
        To learn the basic techniques on how to paint portraits takes approximately two months of weekly 3 hr sessions.  It takes the same in any medium, so if you want to learn pencil portrait drawing, it's 2 months, monochrome 2 months and full colour oil painting, 2 months.
        So your learning can take anywhere from two to six months, depending what you want to learn.
        After that learning period you can paint as part of the group for $15.00 instead of $25 for 3 hours. Many people find it very helpful because you just continue learning anyhow.
        The course involves me painting or drawing one portrait in front of you and showing you how to do it, step by step. Then you do about half the next portrait and I'll still do about half. The third portrait you will try to do it all by yourself and I only make suggestions. Some people need more than three portraits, some don't. But in any case after that period, you know how to do it. It just depends on how much you practise, how good you get.
        All my students get work and paid commissions of one kind or another soon after completion of the course. Many also win prices, which is comforting to know and also more than justifies the cost.

(Ring up, email us or come during business hours for registration and enquiries)

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