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As is the case with many modern conveniences, cleaning aids can easily be taken for granted. They have become such a common part of our lives that we sometimes feel that there is no discernible difference from one product or company to another. It is because of this assumption on the part of the consuming public that GNLD has gone to great and costly extent to obtain, and retain, product quality that is unsurpassed, product economy that is undebatable, service that is unmatched and a guarantee that is unbeatable.

Green 950 Ml

Green 950 Ml
Product Code:9211
US dollar cost:$15.81

Gentle Body Care

Green is a remarkable liquid cleaning concentrate that thoroughly, yet gently, dissolves dirt. Containing a combination of mild organic surfactants and an exclusive 'kelp derived' GNLD ingredient – Kelpro, Green effectively makes water 'wetter' allowing it to penetrate, emulsify and carry away soils and odours.

A versatile product, Green can be used in the laundry cleaning clothes, as a washable 'glove' that protects during dirty jobs, in the garden as a spray for plants, or in a wide range of other applications. Its neutral pH makes it the ideal personal care cleanser – perfect for every member of the family; safe for washing, showering or bathing.
L.D.C. (Light Duty Cleaner) 1 Litre

L.D.C. (Light Duty Cleaner) 1 Litre
Product Code:9232
US dollar cost:$18.49

A mild yet powerful cleaner, LDC is suitable for a broad range of cleaning tasks, but is perfect for anything needing extra special care. LDC’s unique formula of non-ionic surface active agents, reacted coconut oil amides, neutralised organic acids, skin conditioners and hard water ion chelators suspends oil and soil in water, while making water wetter, to penetrate surfaces more thoroughly, whilst being gentle to the skin.

This gentle cleaner is biodegradable, water-soluble, and super-concentrated (before using, dilute 1 part LDC to 5 parts water) to save you money! LDC can clean anything from hand-washable delicates, such as dishes, crystal, sterling silver and fine china, to the stubborn dirt and grime on stove tops.
Super 10 1 Litre

Super 10 1 Litre
Product Code:9216
US dollar cost:$17.55

Extra Heavy Duty Cleaner

Super 10 is a versatile, multi-purpose cleaner that provides the triple cleaning power of soaps, solvents and surfactants. A balanced combination of organic soap, mild solvents, and a super-wetting detergent makes it effective for a diversity of cleaning problems, reducing the need for specialised cleaning products.

It is most effective inside or outside the home against stubborn stains including fabrics, glass, china, wood, tile, painted surfaces porcelain or partitioning. Add to this its concentrated formula, Super 10 is also economical – cleaning power that lasts longer and costs less. And Super 10 is environmentally friendly because it is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and clean-rinsing.