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GNLD's Sponsored Athletes
It has always been GNLD's philosophy to "make a positive difference in people's lives". A great example of this is our Sponsored Athletes Program where GNLD select a number of elite sportsmen and sportswomen throughout the South Pacific and help them on their path to success by providing them with our wonderful range of nutritional supplements. In return they provide us, through their stories and performance, the inspiration and motivation we need to set our own goals and go for them! These remarkable people have all reached the top of their chosen field and continue to pursue their dreams of aiming even higher.

Neil Fuller (O.A.M)  
 After suffering a serious injury in a soccer game when he was just seventeen years old, unfortunately Neil had to have his right leg amputated. However, Neil’s setback only made him more determined to succeed. His athletic achievements are numerous, however, his most notable success was winning four gold medals and a bronze medal at the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games. He also set not one, but two world records. Neil has also published his own book entitled ‘One foot in the door’, which gives incredible insight into his inspirational story.

In August 2003, Neil placed fourth in the 200-metre race at the World Championships and has so far achieved very promising times. Neil recently gained selection for the 2004 Athens Paralympic Games winning two Silver medals in the 400-metres and the 4 x 400 metre relay and a Bronze medal in the 4 x 100 metre relay at the Games.
Matthew Hopper  
 Matthew is a seasoned triathlete with a passion for achieving his goals, and also striving to exceed them. His dedication to the triathlon and continual pursuit of bettering his performance through maintaining health and fitness is truly inspiring.

Matthew says that he has been keeping a rather hectic schedule, as he has been competing in the Accenture series. He said that because it is the Olympic trial year, competition is very fierce and the pace is definitely faster than usual. “The racing is close with only two minutes at the most covering the first fifteen to twenty guys across the line,” he said. Matt said he is hoping to improve his placing in the last two races of the series to maintain his top ten place for a contract in the Accenture series next year.
Nick Sheeran  
Nick is New Zealand’s champion butterfly swimmer, whose greatest achievements include representing New Zealand since 1996, and placing second at the Goodwill Games in 2002 as part of the World Team. He also lists his greatest achievements as placing tenth in the World Championships in 1999, and qualifying for the Olympic 4x100-metre relay final at the Commonwealth Games in 2002.

Nick has recently graduated as a doctor of chiropractic, ending seven years of study. “Study and swimming has always been a balancing act for me, last year was much more academic. However, I have still been training, and recently won an invitational Tauranga competition,” he said.

After recently recovering from jaw surgery – to assist his breathing as a swimmer – Nick said that this year he is keen to establish himself back into competition. Although Nick has his sights set on competing at the Olympics in Athens, he feels it may be too soon after his surgery to compete at this level. However, Nick is hoping to be part of the Olympic team by utilising his specialised training as a chiropractor.

Nick also added that GNLD’s supplements assisted in his recuperation from surgery, and even his doctor was surprised at his rate of his recovery. “Not only have I put this down to my fitness, but strongly believe that the GNLD products have aided in my recovery and allowed me to get back into training,” he said.
Katrina Webb (O.A.M)  
 In 1995, while training at the Australian Institute of Sport, Katrina was diagnosed with a mild case of cerebral palsy. However, this discovery did not deter Katrina from pursuing a career in sport. On the contrary, she has become a highly successful athletic champion, winning two gold meals, two silver medals, and a bronze medal for athletics in the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games. Katrina lists her greatest accomplishments as being selected to carry the Olympic torch into the stadium for the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games, and completing a degree in physiotherapy while training for the Sydney Paralympic Games.

In April 2004 Katrina co-presented on a Saturday sports program with C31 television in Adelaide. She is also keen to develop a closer relationship with GNLD’s sponsorship program, and has plans to further develop her business in the field of corporate health and wellbeing.

Her most recent achievements include running a personal best in Canberra during January for the 400-metre race, which qualifies her for the 2004 Athens Paralympic Games. She is also only 0.3 seconds away from re-gaining the world record for this event. This year Katrina won Gold in the 400-metre race at the Athens Paralympic Games and achieved a personal best and a world record in her javelin event.
Malcolm Bennett  
Malcolm was born with cerebral palsy, and has shown enormous courage and determination to become not only an exceptional middle distance runner, but also an inspiration to many. Narrowly missing medals in Sydney’s 2000 Paralympic Games,

Malcolm says that the start of his domestic season has been a little slow, but since December his performances have picked up considerably. While spending time with his coach’s athletic team he ran a season’s best time trial, which he says was not his personal best, but is a step in the right direction. He has also experienced a great deal of success in professional gift racing, placing third in the Playford Paralympic Gift, where he was only marginally beaten on the line by fellow GNLD sponsored athlete, Neil Fuller. “All in all, the season has been up and down so far, but I’m very hopeful if I stick at it, everything will go right when it counts. I just have to be patient,” he said.

Malcolm recently qualified for the 2004 Athens Paralympic Games and participated in the 400-metre, 1500-metre, and 4x100 metre relay – narrowly missing medals in these events!
Wayne Pearce (O.A.M)  
 Rugby League Coach  
Famous for being one of Australia’s greatest rugby league players and coaches, Wayne’s outstanding achievements and solid reputation precedes him. Some of his most notable achievements include captaining the Balmain Tigers to the grand finals in 1988–89, playing fifteen representative games for New South Wales State of Origin team – ten of which he was captain – and representing Australia in eighteen test matches.

Wayne now divides his time between Fox Sports football commentary and his team development business Wayne Pearce Advantage. As you can imagine Wayne is kept extremely busy – particularly during the football season. Wayne will be running Wayne Pearce Advantage workshops between January and March in Sydney, Melbourne, the Sunshine Coast, Singapore, and Tokyo.

Wayne is an exceptional role model to many, and continues to make a positive contribution to rugby league and the wider community.
Marie & John Kay  
 Masters Athletes  

Marie Kay is an athletics champion who has recently been nominated for some very prestigious awards, including the Australian Athlete of the Year, the NSW Masters Athlete of the Year, and the Shellharbour Sports Person of the Year Award. Marie was thrilled to find out that she has made it into the top three for the Australian Athlete of the Year, but will have to wait until March to find out if she has won this fantastic award.
Although winning this award would be the ultimate reward for all her hard work, just being nominated for such an elite award is an outstanding achievement.

Marie Kay lists her greatest achievement as winning her second consecutive heptathlon title, along with titles in the 200-metres, 400-metres, 4 x 100-metres relays, and a bronze in the 4 x 400-metre relay at the World Championships in Puerto Rico in 2003.

Her current goals are to continue to pursue her love of athletics, and to stay fit, healthy and injury free. In March Marie will travel to Germany for the first ever World Indoor Championships, where she hopes to win the pentathlon and 400-metre races. In April 2004 she traveled to Melbourne for National Championships, and then hopes to travel to The Cook Islands for the Oceania Games in October.

Javelin throwing John Kay also is keen to get back into competition, but is currently in rehabilitation for niggling injuries. However, he hopes to be recovered by April 2004 to compete at National Championships, and then the Oceania Games.