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New South Wales, Australian and World Masters Records

Masters Pole Vault Records

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(As recorded by NSW Masters, Australian Masters and World Masters Athletics.) 
as of February 2015

NR= NSW record, AR= Australian record, WR= World record

Men Women
 Age   Name   Height Date Age   Name   Height Date
M30 NR Christopher Clegg NSW 4.65m 2015 W30 NR Zsuzsa Olgyay-Szabo NSW 3.90m 2007
  AR Matt Macewen QLD 4.90m 2004   AR Irie Hill VIC 4.00M 2002
M35 NR Peter Herd NSW 3.90m 1998 W35 NR Montserrat Ros NSW 3.00m  2014
  AR Rob Hill VIC 4.81m 2009   AR Irie Hill VIC 4.20m 2006
  WR Bjorn Otto GER 5.90 2004   WR Stacey Dragila USA 4.55m 2009
M40 NR John Weigel NSW 3.70m 2000 W40 NR Selina Ellis NSW 2.01m 2013
  AR Rob Hill QLD 4.80m 2010   AR Irie Hill VIC 3.85m 2010
  WR Jeff Hartwig USA 5.70m 2008   WR DORIS AUER AUT 4.10m 2011
M45 NR Jim McGrath NSW 3.60m 1976 W45 NR Jan Livingston NSW 2.45m 1996
  NR Clay Tompkins NSW 3.60m 1999   AR Dawn Hartigan Vic 3.50m 2002
  AR Rob Hill QLD 4.60m 2015   WR Irie Hill GBR 3.62m 2014
  WR Larry Jessee USA 5.10m 1997            
M50 NR Rob Barclay NSW 3.65m 1990 W50 NR Christine Shaw NSW 2.40m 2009
  AR Christoper Boylen VIC 3.75m 2015   AR Dawn Hartigan AUS 3.40m 2007
  WR Gary Hunter USA 4.75m 2007   WR Dawn Hartigan AUS 3.40m 2007
M55 NR Phillip Carrero NSW 3.65m 2007 W55 NR        
  AR Phillip Carrero NSW 3.65m 2007   AR Dawn Hartigan QLD 3.26m 2013
  WR Wolfgang Ritte GER 4.60m 2008   WR Dawn Hartigan QLD 3.26m 2013
M60 NR Phillip Carrero NSW 3.40m 2012 W60 NR        
  AR Phillip Carrero NSW 3.40m 2012   AR WILMA PERKINS QLD 2.33m 2010
  WR Wolfgang Ritte GER 4.32m 2013   WR Nadine O'Connor USA 3.12m 2006
M65 NR Albert Gay NSW 2.90m 2009 W65 NR        
  AR Rob Barclay VIC 3.20m 2004   AR Val Chesterton ACT 1.50m 2005
  WR John Altendorf USA 3.89m 2011   WR Nadine O'Connor USA 3.19m 2009
M70 NR Albert Gay NSW 3.00m 2015 W70 NR        
  AR Garvin Brown QLD 3.14m 2000   AR Val Chesterton ACT 1.35m 2010
  WR Robert Brown GBR 3.31m 2002   WR Nadine O'Connor USA 2.95m 2012
M75 NR Fred O'Connor NSW 2.10m 2000 W75 NR        
  AR Garvin Brown QLD 2.85m 2003   AR        
  WR Bud Held USA 3.00m 2006   WR

Florence Meiler

USA 2.03m 2010
M80 NR Fred O'Connor NSW 1.90m 2004 W80 NR        
  AR Fred O'Connor NSW 1.90m 2004   AR        
  WR Bud Held USA 2.75m 2004   WR

Florence Meiler

USA 1.65m 2014
M85 NR         W85 NR        
  AR Vic Younger QLD 1.74m 2000   AR        
  WR Carol Johnston USA 2.24m 1997   WR Johnnye Valien USA 1.25m 2011
M90 NR         W90 NR        
  AR Vic Younger VIC 1.42m 2003   AR        
  WR William Bell USA 2.05m 2013   WR        
M95 NR         W95 NR        
  AR           AR        
  WR           WR        

If you believe a record should be updated or included here please send us a Records Update
Performance must have been recorded in official competition .
Athletics NSW, Athletics Australia, Masters or IAAF officiated events only.
Policy on NSW records and rankings

* This performance has not been verified against an official record.

  • Only records submitted by, or on behalf of the athlete, will be entered. The club will not search except to verify a submission.

  • Records done after 2002 need a link to the competition page in the official body's website.

  • Unverified records will be replaced by verified ones if requested, even if the performance is of a lower standard.

  • Please contact the official body if a performance that should be in their website, is not there. We will abide by their answer.

Records Update Form
(*) required information

Type of record* 
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Age group*  
Athlete's name* 
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy)*  
Performance Date*  (dd/mm/yy)   Indoors/Outdoors* 
Performance* Venue*  
Meet name 
*Link to official record*

(Link to the actual competition results page please, not just a website.)

Policy on NSW records and rankings
If it doesn't show with AA or ANSW yet, please ask them to update their records first.
Links: Athletics Australia, Athletics NSW, IAAF

NSW Masters, Australian Masters, World Masters

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Tuesday, 09 June 2015
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