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Pole Vault Coaching

Payment of the coaching fees entitles you to:

  1. Coaching in pole vault technique, strength, and conditioning at the track and the gym. In return, the coach requires your commitment to training 3 days a week, minimum.
  2. All the correct poles for your ability, fitness level, and weight. 
  3. Training plans for when the coach is not present, like gym strength and conditioning plans. 
  4. Poles for competition at the home track or away. Coaching during competitions (*).
  5. Transport of poles to competitions outside of Sydney are the responsibility of each athlete. This will include transport and fuel costs for the duration. If more than one athlete competes, then costs could be shared.
  6. If the coach competes as well, there is no need to pay extra expenses. Otherwise, coaches' fuel to and from, plus accommodation and meals, needs to be shared by the competing athlete/s.
  7. For instance fuel costs (based on 12ltr/100km @ $2.00/ltr) between Sydney and AIS Canberra: $120.00, Melbourne $410,00 Newcastle: $80.00, Adelaide: $660.00, Brisbane: $440.00, Perth $1870.00  Accommodation is usually between $60-$110/per night (Caravan Pk rates)... shared by the number of vaulters competing there. -2023 prices-

* Poles and coaching during competition are available ONLY:

  1. If you trained before the competition for at least 6 consecutive sessions. (**)
  2. If your fees are up to date.
** No training means no poles and no coaching at competitions. 

Sorry to insist on this. To expect poles and training for free only leads to injury for the athlete and insolvency for the coach and the club. 
Plan your career and your commitment well. This applies to all age groups regardless of proficiency and experience. 

Coach Phillip Carrero is a Level 3, Advanced Event Coach, Pole Vault with 54 years of experience in pole vaulting. Clubs presently coaching: Randwick Botany Harriers and Bankstown Senior Sports Athletics Club.
Will coach athletes registered with any other athletics club. Associate Membership to Bankstown Athletics Club is required for insurance purposes and use of the facilities.
Track accident insurance is held by Bankstown Council via the club.

Coaching Days: Sundays at 2:00 - Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 18:30 to 20:30 -
Gym plans for 6 days a week are provided if required. They enable you to train at any weights gym.