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Turn back the hands of time!

There are several ways you can sponsor:
  1. By contributing to all or part of our immediate and most pressing needs, as outlined in the Financials page. 
  2. By sponsoring an athlete that needs help with his/her membership dues.
  3. By purchasing vaulting poles as the club forecasted needs (Poles we need are outlined in our  Pole Vault Stocking Program). 
  4. By contributing to other pole vaulters needs, as specified elsewhere in our website. Please mention it in the checkout page and, if possible, let someone else know as well.
Please use the quantities below as a guide to your preferred amount. 
  • Clicking the amount or the "purchase" button will increase the quantity by one.
  • Clicking the "remove" button will de-crease the quantity by one.
  • You can combine the different amounts and quantities if you wish. 
  • For a different amount all together you can use the "contact" page or contact the coach directly (Please mention it is for the Pole Vault club)
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Bankcard, American Express and EFT Transfers, for which we'll provide you with our account details on request.
Pole Vault $20 Sponsorship

Pole Vault $100 Sponsorship

Pole Vault $500 Sponsorship

Pole Vault $1000 Sponsorship