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2008 Australian Championships

Pole Vault Results

Women Pole Vault Open
  Section 1: 1, Alana Boyd, QAS, 4.45m. 2, Vicky Parnov, WAIS, 4.20m. 3,
 Rosanna Ditton, VIC, 4.20m. 4, Melanie Adams, VIC, 3.95m. 5, Miranda Tiong,
 WAIS, 3.80m. 6, Jamie Scroop, WA, 3.65m. 7, Irie Hill, VIC, 3.50m. --, Jana
 Tankosic, SA, NH.
Decathlon: #8 Men Pole Vault Open
  Section 1: 1, Jason Dudley, QAS, 4.90m. 2, Christopher Johnson*, WAIS, 4.50m.
 2, Kyle McCarthy, QLD, 4.50m. 4, Jarrod Sims, SASI, 4.40m. 4, Kyle Rasti*,
 WAIS, 4.40m. 4, Bruce Kupfer, QLD, 4.40m. 7, Sam Giatrakos*, SA, 4.30m. 8,
 Diego Araujo*, BRA, 4.00m.
  Section 2: 1, Aaron Page*, VIC, 4.00m. 2, Cam Crowley*, QLD, 3.00m.
Men Pole Vault Open
  Section 1: 1, Steven Hooker, WAIS, 5.55m. 2, Matt Boyd, QAS, 5.35m. 3, James
 Filshie, VIC, 5.25m. 4, Joel Pocklington, VIC, 5.05m. 5,! Aidan Dziubinski,
 QLD, 5.05m. 6, Blake Lucas, NSW! , 4.90m. 7, Tim MacDermot, SA, 4.75m. --,
 Laszlo Dobo, SA, NH.

Decathlon: #8 Men Pole Vault Under 20
  Section 1:! 1, Nathan Trembath, QLD, 3.40m.
  Section 2: 1, Matthew Harris, NSW, 3.80m. 1, Shaun Hargreaves, VIC, 3.80m. 3,
 Adam Bevis, QAS, 3.70m. 3, John Lane, QLD, 3.70m. 5, Luke Hallett, QLD, 3.50m.

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