flexible Class schedules

Weekday early afternoons

Afternoon classes
Starting at 4:00 this is a right after school time slot. It could fit both the 5 to 8 and the 9 to 12 age groups of younger students in the family since it finishes early enough at 6:00.
We would try to keep those two groups on different days but there is no problem mixing them up. The reason is that individual tuition makes it possible quite well.   

Weekday evening classes

As the day wears on this time slot has the 13+ teenagers and adults in mind (this two age groups mix well, they always help each other). It gives time to the younger to get some homework done before class, and the working adult to get home after work, or to class. If need be it is possible to start late at 19:00 hs and complete the two hours by 21:00 hs.

Saturdays early afternoon

Saturdays 14:00 To 16:00
Handy time slot for the 5 to 8 age group. Young ones aren't always welcome in older age groups. Not because they mind but rather because the older kids are not little any more. So, while there can be exceptions we try to keep this slot for the little ones.

Saturday afternoons

Saturdays 16:00 To 18:00
This class time is reserved for the 9 to 12 year old age group. Still, other age groups can share. If children from the 5 to 8 group need to come on a Saturday but can't make it to the earlier class they are welcome to join.

Saturday evenings

Saturdays 18:00 To 20:00 or 21:00
This class was originally scheduled for adults, hence the three hour duration. The reason behind this reasoning is two-faced. One is that it's later in the day. Two, that adults can keep their focus longer than children, therefore a three hour span is usually very useful.
The third hour, 20:00 to 21:00 is free of charge!
(To teach keeps me ready to accept any commission, any time. The free hour is a way of saying thanks.)

Current Schedule

You can attend every week from January to December, or only during school terms, it's up to you. Teaching is one to one. So, new students can start at any time during the term.
You have the choice of learning Drawing, Painting or Soft pastels. I suggest to learn drawing first, since it forms the basis for all other forms. But you can learn painting instead, if that's what you want. A basic drawing technique is included with the painting and pastels classes.
My aim is to teach all my students what I know: To produce good quality work and get paid for it.
My paintings hung in prestigious institutions, so it should be with my students work, given time.
I teach, help and prepare all students to exhibit their work in local and national exhibitions, get exposure and receive a fair price!
All my students are ready to get commission work during and after completion of the course.
Many also win art prices, which is comforting to know and also more than justifies the cost.
It is not unusual for our students to get back the cost of the course within a year of doing it.

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drawing classes

We always suggest to do the drawing course first, since it forms the base for all other forms. Drawing and sketching will inspire creativity. You don’t have to be an artist, just willing to learn. From the simplest Pixar characters to the colorful and complex droids of Star Wars as well art projects inspired by different eras in art history! Each student will be given individual attention and will be able to explore techniques in charcoal pencils, pastels, drawing and painting.
Have fun learning various drawing techniques to create the many cartoon characters we see on TV, movies, and graphic novels.

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painting classes

If you want to pursue a career in the arts, where you learn the ways of the old masters, and by that I mean learning how to REALLY paint, then Michelangelo Art School is the school for you. No school nowadays will teach you how to paint like Rembrant, Bougerou, Ingres...
In fact many art schools these days do not teach you that in art, learning is life long and it does not end with a degree. Michelangelo Art School emphasizes that. Furthermore many art schools focus simply on art being just paint splattered on a canvas that sells for millions and where the "artist" i.e. like KOONs and Andy Warhol do not even do any work at all. Michelangelo Art School is very much like how people back in the ECOLE des Beaux - Arts were taught, or how those in the high renaissance were taught, in the atelier style, by the end of one course you will have learned how to truly draw which is the basis of all art!

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