Kids' art gallery


Project for school from one of our eleven year old girls. It's done in soft pastels, without help (except for 3 feathers) and without previous experience painting in pastels... but she had watched how other kids learned to paint with this medium.

Rhino in Ice Age

This is usually the third or fourth drawing both 5 to 8 and 9 to 12 age groups do. So there is usually a helping hand nearby. From the very first work of art the children get used to sign and date their work, taking full credit for it.

Dark light and reflected light

This is the very first drawing all students of any age do. They experience tonal values and check with a value scale they build themselves. Light sources, reflected light and relationships between fore and background values. Anyone can draw if tought how to do it right and why. The lines don't have to be perfect to look great. Actually beauty lies in the humanness of the piece, and kids are so unique at that!

Violin Still Life

One of our 13 year old students. This was a drawing done for an exhibition. The Bowral Still Life Prize. We placed a violin on a mantelpiece, a rose from our garden and an oil lamp from her grandmother. No copyright issues here. The framed drawing didn't win first prize but it DID sell at the exhibition.
Carli had at that stage, only 5 months experience in our school

Study on Andrew Black

Kathy, an adult student did a study on this black and white portrait resident at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra. Experience: 6 months.

Still Life vase and sphere

Very good effects achieved by a mature student at our school.

Study on Deborah Mailman

Original artist Ever Ploeg's masterpiece was enlarged on a linen 6 meters tall and hung from the old Parliament House in Canberra. Mature age student. Experience: 4 months.


Blu is one of our favourite charcters our kids paint and draw ar Michelangelo Fine Art School for Kids

Flora MacDonald

This nice lady many generations back, was a relative of one of our adult students. Done from old photos.

latest exhibitions

The Bowral Still Life Prize 2019.

One of our 13 y/o students exhibited for the first time. Her composition and sold to a visitor that just, loved her work!

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