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A lifestyle of creativity-powered, timeless works of ART through a 47 year passion. Explore "The Collection" top menu for the last 30 years of paintings. My art belongs in... your home!

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"My best paintings have always been commissions."

Sleek & Beautiful

About commissions

Phillip appreciates your interest in commissioning him to create a magnificent painting, pastel or drawing for you. His goal is to work closely with you to produce a unique, personalized portrait that you and your family will cherish for years to come. Phil puts his heart and soul into your project, incorporating your personal preferences and tastes into his work. He emails you as your portrait is being created so that you can view the work in progress and give him your input. It’s not a finished work until you are completely thrilled with your commission!

Sleek & Beautiful

What it takes...

Each commission is a one-of-a-kind personalized creation requiring a different amount of work and time to complete. A painting commission, specially if it involves specific people, involves preliminary studies. - Firstly Phillip will do pencil sketches to balance proportions of the work and/or composition. - Then come the color studies the way they should look in the final painting. - During this studies you will be consulted so as to create that special work that you will love the most. The time to produce this studies is included in the price but Phillip will have no further use for them. You can get them at a minimum cost.

Sleek & Beautiful

Learning is FUN!

Ages 10 to 99 -Anyone can paint- The art I teach is: Traditional (classic school that goes back to the renaissance) Representative (not abstract) and Realistic (We paint what we see) style. There is a degree of impressionism in my art that separates the photo from a work of art. We gather every week (… and that has been going on for over 30 years). We paint together, learn from each other and teach every one that comes along wanting to learn. We grow and nurture our market, organize our own exhibitions and SELL our art.

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My most popular work

Sleek & Beautiful

Joe Dial with flag 1986

Portrait of Joe Dial commissioned by his loving wife and biggest fan ever, Shawna Dial. Dial understands what it’s like to win. He was the world record-holder in the pole vault in 1986. He also held the American pole vault record for nine years (1985-94), breaking his own record nine times in that span. His highest vault was 19’06.5″

Sleek & Beautiful

Steven Hooker - 2007

Steven “Steve” Hooker OAM is an Australian pole vaulter and Olympic gold medalist. His personal best is 6.06 m, making him the second highest pole vaulter in history at the time, behind only Sergey Bubka.

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Macarthur, President F D Roosevelt And Nimitz - 1998

-“The seeds of the greatest naval battle of the Pacific war were not planted by U.S. Navy strategists, but rather by a larger-than-life Army general and the President of the United States.”-

Sleek & Beautiful

Jane Saville 215 - 2007

Oceania/Commonwealth/national record – 20km walk. Three times Commonwealth Champion and one of the iconic bastions of Sydney and the Randwick Botany Harriers Club.

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I work with you and thrive my pasion in your commissions.

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Art Classes

Carrero Art* School, a lifestyle of creativity. Active Activities Most Popular 2017 and 2018 Awards I’ve designed the course based on the old schools of early Australian artists. They in turn applied what they learned in the old countries of Europe.The art I teach is: Traditional (classic school that goes back to the renaissance) Representative (not…

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“Abigail” 40cm x 50cm (16″ x 20″) Oil on W&N canvas texture paper 300gsm. This is both the last painting in the mini-series and the new one after a long hiatus in painting. As all others, this portrait is for sale. It was almost finished for six  months at least in the fear I didn’t…

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Marcus from Egypt

“Marcus from Egypt” 40cm x 50cm (16″ x 20″) Oil on W&N canvas texture paper 300gsm. It had been a while since I painted a black face. Notwithstanding time I loved it as much as the first time. For some reason I find black skin so much richer in color and intensity that it become…