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Billy Graham

Billy Graham 0450 cm x 50 cm, oil on primed board. Phillip Carrero.

Since his ministry began in 1947, Graham conducted more than 400 crusades in 185 countries and territories on six continents. He called them crusades, after the medieval Christian forces who conquered Jerusalem.

-“When Billy Graham first came to Australia in 1959 he had a tremendous impact upon Christian people in the community in general. His crusades were well attended everywhere he went.The crowds in Sydney filled both the Sydney Cricket Ground and the Sydney Show Ground. In Melbourne the largest crowd that had ever gathered until that time had gathered in the Melbourne Cricket Ground with 120,000 people present. They were allowed to not only pack every seat in the grandstands but also in the grass and far surpassed the previous highest attendance, which was during the Olympic games.”-
Rev. Gordon Moyes,  Australian Short Stories


Sydney Anglican Brian Quinsey who became a Christian at the 1959 Crusade in Sydney:
“Prior to the 1959 Crusade, I had virtually no contact with church. My interests were rugby, surf life saving and going for a drink with the boys.”Mr Quinsey, who attends St Philip’s, Caringbah, attended the 1959 Crusade as a 20-year-old with his wife, Beverley, his parents and his younger sister.”We had to all sit separately because the seating was so full. I went out the front to make a commitment then I looked around and saw that all five of us had gone forward at the same time.””I became aware that God was there but I had never given him the place he ought to have in my life,” Mr Quinsey says.Close to 10,000 people came forward at Billy Graham’s last crusade.”
… exerpt from Brian QuinseyBilly Graham and the last crusade.

In this small portrait I meant to do the hands expressive as I saw an advantage in showing them in a focal plane.

Pastors Adrian And Cathy Gray

grys70Cm X 90Cm. Oil On Primed Board.

Senior Pastors At Mount Annan Church. Phillip Carrero.


They are not only great preachers of the Word but they have lived it for the 45 years of their married life. This is evident in their family of four married children and eleven grandchildren. They have successfully raised their children to become strong and committed servants of God that are helping build His kingdom in areas of influence.


With over 40 years of ministry experience they have planted seven churches, and until 2009 were the pioneers and senior ministers of C3 Church Mount Annan for 34 years, overseeing its growth from a congregation of less than 20 to over 1000 members.

Bishop Reg Piper


60Cm X 80Cm. Oil On Canvas.

Reginald Piper. Bishop Of The Deanery Of Wollongong during Peter Staver’s tenure as pastor of St peters Campbelltown. Phillip Carrero.



Sister Judith


60Cm X 80Cm. Oil On Canvas. Sister Judith, The Stables “Wivenhoe”. Phillip Carrero.


When Claire St Claire, then director of the “Friends of the gallery” at Campbelltown Art Gallery, passed away her last words to me were -“Look after Sister Judith”

Now, Claire knew I made and sell art supplies, so what I gather is she meant supply Sister Judith with whatever she needed of my wares to sell at her project complex.

Sister Judith did a remarkable, or should I say superb or amazing, work at upgrading the 100+ year old horse stables at “Wivenhoe”. They became a state of the art stop for touristic coaches with toilet blocks and a complete arts and crafts centre.

That alone was good enough to get involved as the surroundings, part of the Sisters of the good Samaritan Convent are simply beautiful, and peaceful. But she did it in a way that touched my heart: she employed complete derelicts from the Corrections Department to do the job. I guess just like the convicts from the colonial era built it in the first place.

And then she taught watercolor and oil painting, specially to children. She organized regular gatherings of the popular “Poets Corner” on the grounds, plus exhibitions and workshops.


… and all that for the love of art, “ad honorem”.

Bishop Joseph Garlington

BishopJG46Cm X 52Cm. Oil On Primed Board. Phillip Carrero.

Bishop Garlington came to Mount Annan Church in ’98 for a couple of weeks. He touched me as being among the friendliest of the people of the cloth I knew. Very funny preacher too, amazing sense of humor and energy.

This was the second portrait I had done of a black person, the first being Cathy Freeman. There was a software that told how many colors had been used in a particular painting. I was amazed to find out that a black skin used 16 colors, as opposed to a white skin that only needs 6. Rich as rich can be!