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The class takes a two hour session with a 15 min. brake in the middle (optional)
Art Classes can be shared by students working in drawing, oil painting or soft pastels.
Teaching is individual. That means everyone follows the same basic system but at their own pace and with their own choice of subject, be it portrait or anything else, including commission work.
Class Goals:
To learn the basic techniques on how to paint children subjects takes approximately two months of weekly 2 hr sessions.
It takes the same in any medium, so if you want to learn pencil portrait drawing, it’s 2 months, monochrome 2 months and full colour oil painting, 2 months.
So, your learning can take anywhere from two to six months, depending which medium/s you want to learn and the pace at which you learn.
The course involves myself painting or drawing a subject in front of you and showing you how to do it, step by step. Then you do about half of the next subject and I help with the difficult bits. The third subject/portrait you will try to do it all by yourself and I only make suggestions. Some people need more than three drawings/paintings, some less. But in any case after that period, you will know the basics. It just depends on how much you practice after, how good you get.