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In the late 1980's Phil Carrero, then a painter of ship portraits in oils, had paintings in many Sydney galleries. They were hard times with many companies returning the paintings they had purchased. Galleries had stopped taking in new works for sale and lease owed to the economic downturn of the time. Names like Bond and Skase were commonplace and an atmosphere of caution pervaded the marketplace of investment art.

Nevertheless, Phillip's paintings were selling well and his series on ship portraits sold more than 60 original oils to collectors in the years from 1988 to 1992.

But to err on the safe side, Phillip started in 1991 making easels, knowing that repeat sales would keep him and his sons afloat if difficult times got any worse. The A26, Easel Studio Laminated 60 X 60 X 250Cm (155Cm) was his first product. It sold and then re-ordered several times in a handful of shops. Then followed the palettes, art boxes and so on.

Eventually runs were opened in Sydney and expanded to Newcastle, Wollongong and Dubbo, serving the areas in between as well. Progressively service went country and then interstate. Today the Michelangelo Fine Art* products are sold in a majority of art supplies shops nationwide.

Retailing via the convenience of the internet has proved to be a good thing. People can still buy what they need even if then don't have acces to a shop because of incapacity or distance. Our quality of service and increased range came to fill a niche in the market of Art Supplies.

Phillip has also continued painting and is now in love with people portaits.
There is always some commission in progress, so the the motto: "a lifestyle of creativity" created by his wife Llewena continues to be most appropriate.

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