Trevor and Elizabeth

Trevor and Elizabeth

60Cm X 80Cm. Oil On Canvas. Trevor Richarson And Elizabeth Hope. Servers At St Peters Campbelltown. Phillip Carrero.

St Peters Anglican Church was my home church for over fifteen years and it will probably be again one day. I remember I had stints with other denominations every now and then. For instance I spent five years at St Peters when Trevor and Elizabeth were servers and then I went back to the Presbiterian church with pastor Robson. Came back a short while later and Trevor and Elizabeth were there, serving. Then it was the Baptist church where we made many friends and I made my decision for Christ. But eventually years later I felt the Lord calling me back to St Peters as pastor Peter Stavert commenced his ministry there. Of course Trevor and Elizabeth were there, serving. Well, to cut a long story short I remarried and we went to a branch at Claymore for over a year. Then it was Mount Annan for another score years and then… back to St Peters and Lo and Behold, my old friends Trevor and Elizabeth were still there, serving. Of course eventually we left again and I don’t know if they are serving yet because they told me they were retiring… Pastors came and went, congregations grew and dwindled, the sands of time made their mark and through it all, well one wonders sometimes who the real back-bones of the church are!

In this painting I was marvelled at how you can paint shadows with strong reflected colour and light, and still remains a shadow. I remember painting this as if it was yesterday…

Trisha Phoon


46Cm X 52Cm. Oil On Canvas. The Access Freak! Phillip Carrero.

This is the first of many portraits I did of my old friend. She was still living in  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Trisha Phoon has another name but not many can remember, all I know is that it sounds like “Trisha”.

I knew about her when we were both working in the Microsoft newsgroups as  MVP, “most valued professionals” helping others with Ms Access, the Ms database app. Truth is I managed to answer may be 85% of the queries while that remaining 15% was incredibly hard to tackle. At times like those I called on my ever faithful friend Trisha. Without fail, problems or equations that normally took me weeks to solve she could answer in about 5 minutes flat! Incredible analitical mind like none I’ve seen before or since.
Trisha freelanced at computer and trade shows. Last I heard Access Basic, where I ended my adventures in code, were only her beginnings, too easy. She was, and am sure still is, in the cover and dedication of every book ever written about high-end  database design. She married to Richard one day and went to live at Wimbledon, UK where they are both as happy as can be. I had the honor to paint a portrait of them on their wedding day, plus many charcoals to show my students.

Break At Popran Creek




Oil On Canvas. 52Cm X 80Cm. Phillip Carrero.

Break from a day of horse riding.
Popran Creek in east New South Wales starts below Central Mangrove at an elevation of 300m and ends merging with the Mangrove Creek.
This painting forms a part of a series of four. Based on a horse farm near Popran Creek the other three paintings were sold before I took photos of them. One of them has about 20 horses running across the creek to a beach head.