Steve Waugh

30Cm X 40Cm. Oil On Board. Captain Of The Australian Cricket Team 1999 Phillip Carrero. Stolen from my gallery “Paintings of the Sea” on February 21, 2003 – “Steve Waugh is the ultimate evolved cricketer. Thrown to the wolves at 20, he flailed at all bowling, sent down bouncers at Viv Richards, and tasted Ashes…

Plums And Grapes

45Cm X 52Cm, Oil On Canvas Phillip Carrero.   This small painting went to hung in a friend’s mum home. It was a small cottage with 25 watt lamps to save electricity. The still life was placed near a fireplace between a dozen or so old black and white photographs.   The day we hung…

Self Portrait With Pavers

61Cm X 80Cm. Oil On Primed Board. Phillip Carrero. Self are the easiest to get photos of to practice on. Original pic taken by Ernie Schumaker at Hollylea. Done while at the Hollylea Trade Centre, Turn of the century.  


46cm x 50cm Oil on Canvas board. Jack Bosmans. Phillip Carrero.   Jack and Linda used to have a Floral Arrangements shop at Hollylea Place. Jack kindly volunteered to lend me his facial features for a portrait. It was so appreciated and difficult to find between commissions.

Pastors Adrian And Cathy Gray

70Cm X 90Cm. Oil On Primed Board. Previous Senior Pastors At Mount AnnanĀ  C3 Church. Phillip Carrero. They are not only great preachers of the Word but they have lived it for the 45 years of their married life. This is evident in their family of four married children and eleven grandchildren. They have successfully…