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Dani at the Hunter

23.5″ x 31.5″ (60cm x 80cm) Soft pastel on board . Dani at the Hunter. Exclusive Prints on Canvas For Sale here! One of two paintings I want to do…

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Dani’s thoughts

 Soft pastels on Mi-Teintes board 14″ x 16″ (36cm x 40cm) Preliminary study for a portrait of Dani Samuels to exhibit at SOPAC. It’s been a while since I did…

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Joe Dial, preliminary studies

Joe Dial With Flag 1 and 2. Preliminary studies in soft pastels 16″ X 24″ on Mi-Teintes pastel board. This are two small studies in soft pastels. The work was…

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Soft pastels – Tilly and Elsie

30cm x 41cm (A3) Soft Pastels on rough Mi-Teintes board. Phil Carrero From the gir’s medal winning performances at the Australian Junior Championships Perth 2013 My first attempt to learn pastels.…

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Early pastels experience

All three studies: 30cm x 41cm (A3) Soft Pastels on rough Mi-Teintes paper. Phil Carrero I have not entered this three studies individually because they were quick practice sketches of two…

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