Dani 2014

DS2014_1Dani Samuels 2014, 23″ x 31.5″ (48 x 80cm). Oil on primed board. Phillip Carrero.
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At the very moment I was signing this painting Dani was on fire, throwing a new personal best of 67.99m in Weisbaden, Germany. First  competition of this European Tour, Glasgow 2014 Comm Games year… the best is yet to come, go Dani!

Today Dani Samuels has inched closer to the 20-year-old Australian women’s discus record. The reigning national champion and Glasgow 2014 bound discus thrower improved her personal best three times with three consecutive throws to 67.99m on the last attempt.

Her new PB moves her to second on the Australian all-time list behind only the 68.72m national record of Daniela Costian, set in 1994.

Samuels’ effort won the competition ahead of Julia Fischer of Germany, who threw 66.46 in second place.

(from http://www.athletics.com.au/News/Article-Details/ArtMID/5111/ArticleID/8095/Samuels-PB)

2003 World Youth Shot Put 25/27 Qual DNQ 11.59m
2005 World Youth Discus Throw 1/34 Final 1st 54.09m
2006 Commonwealth Games Discus Throw 3/14 3rd 59.44m
2006 World Cup Discus Throw 6/9 6th 59.68m
2006 World Junior Discus Throw 1/27 Final 1st 60.63m
2007 World Championships Discus Throw 13/28 Qual 60.44m DNQ
2007 Universiade Discus Throw 2/17 2nd 60.47m
2008 Olympic Games Discus Throw 9/38 Final 60.15m
2009 World Championships Discus Throw 1/40 Final 1st 65.44m
2009 Universiade Discus Throw 1/21 Final 1st 62.48m
2010 World Cup Discus Throw 4/8 4th 61.34m
2011 World Championships Discus Throw 10/24 Final 10th 59.14m
2012 Olympic Games Discus Throw 12/35 Qual 63.97m; Final 12th 60.40m
2013 World Championships Discus Throw 10/26 Qual 62.85m; Final 10th 62.42m
National Competition
2004-05 Aust. Junior T & F Shot Put 1 15.01m
Discus Throw 1 53.09m
2004-05 Aust. T & F Shot Put 4 (2nd Aust.) 14.71m
Discus Throw 2 (1st Aust.) 55.78m
2005-06 Aust. T & F Shot Put 2 (1st Aust.) 15.98m
Discus Throw 2 (1st Aust.) 56.67m
2006-07 Aust. Junior T & F Shot Put 1 16.19m
Discus Throw 1 58.48m
2006-07 Aust. T & F Shot Put 2 (1st Aust.) 16.17m
Discus Throw 1 60.40m
2007-08 Aust. T & F Discus Throw 1 62.95m
2008-09 Aust. T & F Shot Put 3 (1st Aust.) 16.30m
Discus Throw 1 60.05m
2009-10 Aust. T & F Discus Throw 1 63.61m
2010-11 Aust. T & F Discus Throw 1 61.79m
2011-12 Aust. T & F Shot Put 1 16.65m
Discus Throw 1 62.34m
2013-14 Aust. T & F Discus Throw 1 66.81m