Jana Pittman 98

pd01571cm x 51cm (28″ x 20″)

Graphite and charcoal on illustration board.
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Jana missed the 2007-2008 domestic season due to injury. She returned to the track mid-2008 aiming to compete on the European circuit in the lead-up to her main goal, Beijing. In her first competition in Poland Jana pulled up sore and was unable to resume training. In a devastating blow for the World Champion she made the difficult decision to withdraw from the Olympic Games.

Jana initally underwent surgery to the second toe of her right foot in January to remove loose cartilage and clean up the joint. She had been experiencing pain in the toe since early 2007, and decided to have what was seen to be a relatively minor procedure, which would only see her off the training track for three weeks.

Jana will now look to claiming a third world title in Berlin in 2009 and to 2012 where the elusive Olympic gold awaits.