La Pieta, study on Michelangelo.

2 Pieta 2

78cm x 78cm Oil on canvas board. Based on Michelangelo’s sculpture at St Peters Basilica. Phillip Carrero.

One of Michelangelo’s most revered works, La Pieta’ ( Translation: The Pity) was commissioned in the year 1499 by the French Cardinal Jean de Billheres.

While the scene presents the viewer an older Jesus’ lifeless body being held up in his mother’s lap, the younger Mary can be said to depict a more common scene of mother and child. Adding to this interpretation, some also feel that it is both a snapshot of Jesus’ entire life, from youth to death, wrapped into one sculpture. But, it is important to note that all art is subjective, and the true answer lies within us. One thing is undeniable though, and that is the sheer power and emotion the scene seems to evoke from every angle, every time.