Plums And Grapes

Silver vase with grapes

45Cm X 52Cm, Oil On Canvas Phillip Carrero.


This small painting went to hung in a friend’s mum home.

It was a small cottage with 25 watt lamps to save electricity. The still life was placed near a fireplace between a dozen or so old black and white photographs.


The day we hung it became clear to me what the magic of oil painting really is. The while room lit up with the warm glow emanating/reflecting from the painting.


It is this day that I have no hesitation suggesting an oil painting will add more life, character and warmth than a photo any day.

By Phillip

Currans Hill artist Phil Carrero started as an impressionable 16 year old drawing charcoal portraits through the streets of Buenos Aires. He worked his way up from drawing to painting and begun to sell his works around that time. Coming to Australia in 1973 , at the age of 23, Mr Carrero continued his studies in Art and completed an apprenticeship for four months to get himself better acquainted with portraiture painting. Meanwhile, for almost ten years produced and sold many ship portraits and marine paintings. -After that I begun getting around 12 commissions a year for just portraits. That's the point when he begun to make a living out of painting-, he said. He paints in the Traditional, Realistic style ... English and Italian schools, his portraits can resemble the Grand Manner style of the 19th and 20th centuries in England and later, America. (extracted from "Artist has brush with thieves", Macarthur Advertiser, January 2004)