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Andrew Flint
Event: Pole vault
Height: 177.8 cm
Weight: 64 kg
PB: 4.00m (30-34 NSW and Club Record)
Born: 7 June 1976 in Sydney, Australia.
Current Residence: Padstow, NSW. Australia
Coach: Phil Carrero
Club: Bankstown Sports Athletics 
Andrew is a Gymnastics Instructor and took on pole vault training for the first time in December '06.
Stiff pole technique:
Fifth session: 3.10m (8 step) Sixth: 3.40m (10 step). Begun bending pole technique Feb '07.
Performance Date Competition Venue Result
3.40m 20 Jan 07 AIM Allcomers Bankstown, NSW 2m start Open: 1st.
3.60m 06 Mar 07 AIM Allcomers Campbelltown, NSW Open: 4th


17 Mar 07 AIM Allcomers Campbelltown, NSW Open: 3rd
4.00m 29 Sep 07 Intro to Athletics Sopac, Homebush Open: 2nd