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From Beginner To Bubka and Isinbayeva too By A Launder & J Gormley

From Beginner To Bubka and Isinbayeva too By A Launder & J Gormley
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"From Beginner to Bubka and Isinbayeva too" has been produced by two highly experienced coaches who, between them, possess a unique combination of knowledge and experience in the field of sports education.
They present an innovative approach to teaching and coaching the pole vault, where beginners are immediately introduced to elements of the technique used by world record-holder Sergey Bubka.
Students of this comprehensive and well illustrated text will learn that the Petrov/Bubka "Technical Model" is the most effective approach to pole vaulting ever devised. They will also learn:

How to minimize risk in the pole Vault.
To appreciate the difference between a "Technical Model" and an athlete's "Style".
To employ the principles of perfect pedagogy.
To teach young athletes how to vault safely and successfully.
How to use appropriate drills to improve an athlete's performance.
The principles of training and conditioning for young athletes.
The place of gymnastics in the training program.
How sports psychology can assist coaches and athletes.
The complex role of the coach and the "process of coaching".
To better understand the process of "Technical Coaching".
That there is a close relationship between stiff pole and flexible pole vaulting.
That myths and misunderstanding still pervade pole vault coaching.