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Take good care of your cells!

If any one of these nutrient groups is missing or in short supply, it becomes the 'weak link' and the "Chain of Life" can break down, resulting in lack of energy, illness and an increase in the lifestyle diseases seen so frequently today.

Putting back what civilisation has taken out

GNLD (as Neo-Life) first became involved in the development of natural wholefood supplements as a result of medical and scientific studies carried out in the 1950s. This research looked at the causes behind unexplained 'chronic fatigue' and lack of energy, as well as low endocrine or hormonal function, within a large population of women in Southern California.

Despite the fact that these women seemed to have a good diet, it was found that the nutrients in their food were not being fully utilised; and attention then turned to the role of 'cellular nutrition' - the active process that allows nutrients to enter the cells of the body, to be used in producing energy and in carrying out the cells' normal function.

Formula 4 120 Caps

Formula 4 120 Caps
Product Code:9606
US dollar cost:$41.54
Formula IV is the original product developed by Neo-Life in the 1950s, to provide not only multi-vitamins and minerals, but also the proteins and enzymes* and the lipids and sterols so essential for cellular nutrition and energy.
Based on natural wholefood ingredients, Formula IV represents the first truly multi-factor food supplement, formulated to provide balanced nutritional supplementation.

Even today, after 42 years, Formula IV is far superior as a broad-spectrum natural food supplement to anything else that any other company has come up with.

Formula IV also contains iron, for those who have a need for added iron in their diet.
Formula 4 60 Caps

Formula 4 60 Caps
Product Code:9607
US dollar cost:$24.38
Formula 4 Plus 60 Servings

Formula 4 Plus 60 Servings
Product Code:9608
US dollar cost:$39.66
Nutritional Assurance at the Cellular Level.
Based on natural, wholefood ingredients, Formula IV Plus is a unique four-factor nutritional supplement, formulated to provide a balanced supply of multi-vitamins, multi-minerals, and proteins (plus enzymes*), together with the essential lipids and sterols.

Formula IV Plus is designed to strengthen all the links in the "Chain of Life", with the exception of the carbohydrates. [See NouriShake].

Formula IV Plus was developed by GNLD's Scientific Advisory Board to give 50% more of the essential lipids and sterols than Formula IV, the original Neo-Life product, because these nutrients are so vital for cellular function.

Unlike Formula IV, it is also iron free so is suitable for those who desire wholefood supplementation without additional iron. It provides >100% of the RDI for zinc in recognition of the importance this mineral has in optimal cellular nutrition, and contains added chromium essential for the efficient metabolism of foods in energy production.
Vita-Gard 120 Tabs

Vita-Gard 120 Tabs
Product Code:9619
US dollar cost:$33.23
Children burn enormous amounts of energy to fuel their sky-high metabolisms, maintain their tremendous growth and development and support boundless physical activity. Vita-Gard is GNLD’s children’s wholefood antioxidant formula. Utilising the same wholefood, broad-spectrum antioxidant research that brought you Carotenoid Complex and Flavonoid Complex, Vita-Gard can offer important antioxidant support for children’s fast growing bodies. The flavonoid family and vitamin C promote health of watery portions of cells while carotenoids and the entire vitamin E family help support healthy cellular lipids.
Vita-Squares 180 Tabs

Product Code:9618
US dollar cost:$21.84
Vita-Squares is much more than just a children’s multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. In addition to being a balanced vitamin and mineral supplement, formulated specifically to cater for the nutritional demands associated with childhood and adolescence, this complete formula contains GNLD’s exclusive Tre-en-en Grain Concentrates. Tre-en-en provides essential lipids and sterols to help cells receive nutrients efficiently. Also included in the formulation are choline and inositol to support cognitive functions such as learning and memory.
Vitamin A - 5,000I.U. 300 Caps

Vitamin A - 5,000I.U. 300 Caps
Product Code:9610
US dollar cost:$26.53
GNLD's Vitamin A Supplement utilises pure fish liver oil from pollack (a species of cod) yielding the highest quality vitamin A. Vitamin A is a natural antioxidant and is essential for the normal growth and development of bone tissue and epithelial tissue (such as the lining of the nose, throat and respiratory system). GNLD's Vitamin A Supplement is in a water-miscible form to enhance absorption and offers the convenience of a gelatin capsule to protect freshness and potency.
Vitamin B - B Complex Threshold Control 180 Tabs

Vitamin B - B Complex Threshold Control 180 Tabs
Product Code:9612
US dollar cost:$38.45
Threshold Controlled

B-complex vitamins are always present in foods in groups. GNLD's Threshold Controlled B-Complex utilises wholefood sources to provide all 11 members of the B-vitamin "family" in balanced ratios as they occur in Nature. B-Group vitamins are involved in a wide variety of functions, from energy production to healthy development of cells and tissues and healthy cardiovascular function. Threshold Controlled B-Complex is a high potency B-complex supplement that slowly releases the nutrients over a period of time to ensure sustained supply to maximise utilisation by the body's cells and minimise nutrient waste.
Vitamin C - Lemon-Flavoured Powdered C 450G

Product Code:9614
US dollar cost:$36.04
Vitamin C - Neo C Chewable 230 Mg 250 Tabs

Product Code:9616
US dollar cost:$38.45
Vitamin C - Threshold Control 455 Mg 200 Tabs

Vitamin C - Threshold Control 455 Mg 200 Tabs
Product Code:9615
US dollar cost:$31.08
Vitamin C, the body's main water-soluble antioxidant, strengthens immunity, aids wound healing, and supports overall good health. Besides its own powerful antioxidant role, it is an integral part of the body's antioxidant 'defence team' and helps 'recharge' the body's main fat-soluble antioxidant, vitamin E. Vitamin C is needed to make collagen, the cellular 'cement' that provides structure to skin, bones, blood vessels and other tissues. GNLD provides three excellent choices to ensure optimal daily vitamin C intake. Threshold Controlled Vitamin C for sustained release over six hours or more; Powdered C to boost the vitamin C content of foods and beverages; and Neo-C for a chewable option. Our products feature high potency, high-purity vitamin C plus vitamin C-related factors from whole citrus fruits. All GNLD vitamin C Products include our exclusive Neo-Plex Concentrate - virtually everything from whole oranges but the water - for better absorption and utilisation.
Vitamin E - 275 I.U. 100 Caps

Vitamin E - 275 I.U. 100 Caps
Product Code:9621
US dollar cost:$43.41
with Lecithin and Wheatgerm Oil

Broad spectrum vitamin E supplementation has been clinically shown to promote healthy cardiovascular function, and helps protect cells from damaging oxidation, particularly in the nervous, muscular, immune and cardiovascular systems.
GNLD’s potent 275 IU capsules deliver the density and diversity of pure, wholefood vitamin E in an exclusive water-miscible formula for enhanced absorption.
Delivers the entire vitamin E family, which includes all of the alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta-tocopherols and tocotrienols! Made with Nature’s finest wheat germ oil.