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This are portraits I proposed myself to do as a way of giving back to God a small part of what I received. There is a common link on all the church friends I've painted, and that is their life commitment to Jesus and the Gospel. Some are sold, others a work of love...

Billy Graham

Billy Graham
Prod CodeP063
US dollar cost$603.00usd
50cm x 50cm Phillip Carrero.  
Bishop Joseph Garlington

Bishop Joseph Garlington
Prod CodeP049
US dollar cost$1608.00usd
46Cm X 52Cm. Oil On Primed Board. Phillip Carrero.  
Bishop Reg Piper

Bishop Reg Piper
Prod CodeP013
US dollar cost$2144.00usd
60Cm X 80Cm. Oil On Canvas. Reginald Piper. Bishop Of The Deanery Of Wollongong. Phillip Carrero.  
Pastors Adrian And Cathy Gray

Pastors Adrian And Cathy Gray
Prod CodeP048
US dollar cost$1943.00usd
70Cm X 90Cm. Oil On Primed Board. Senior Pastors At Mount Annan Church. Phillip Carrero.  
Sister Judith

Sister Judith
Prod CodeP016
US dollar cost$1742.00usd
60Cm X 80Cm. Oil On Canvas. The Stables "Wivenhoe". Phillip Carrero.  
Trevor And Elizabeth

Trevor And Elizabeth
Prod CodeP011
US dollar cost$2278.00usd
60Cm X 80Cm. Oil On Canvas. Trevor Richarson And Elizabeth Hope. Servers At St Peters Campbelltown. Phillip Carrero.