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Jeff And Fi

Jeff And Fi
Product Code:P068
US dollar cost:$1206.00usd
90cm x 60cm. Oil on primed board, framed.Jeffrey and Fiona Carrero on their wedding day. Phillip Carrero  
Self Portrait

Self Portrait
Product Code:P046
US dollar cost:$1474.00usd
55Cm X 80Cm. Oil On Primed Board. Phillip Carrero.  
Self Portrait With Pavers

Self Portrait With Pavers
Product Code:P047
US dollar cost:$1943.00usd
61Cm X 80Cm. Oil On Primed Board. Phillip Carrero.  
Jack (Sold)

Product Code:P065
US dollar cost:$589.60usd
46cm x 50cm Phillip Carrero.  
Linda's Mum And Dad (Sold)

Linda's Mum And Dad
Product Code:P051
70Cm X 90Cm. Oil On Primed Board Phillip Carrero.  
Richard And Trisha. (Sold)

Richard And Trisha.
Product Code:p067
40cm x 60cm. Portrait from 017.jpg in wedding car Phillip Carrero.  
Trisha Phoon (Sold)

Trisha Phoon
Product Code:P025
46Cm X 52Cm. Oil On Canvas. The Access Freak! No database problem is too big for her. She has been acknowledged as a genius in Ms Access and C++ programming by every expert in Microsoft software. This portrait was in appreciation for the solutions she provided me with to help others in the Ms Access newsgroups.  
Cuddled In (Sold)

Cuddled In
Product Code:P073
US dollar cost:$1742.00usd
20" x 16". Oil on canvas board, Hyde Park, Sydney. Phillip Carrero.