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2006-2007 season

Compilation recorded from the 1st May 2006 to the 31 April 2007 
NSW State Championships 2007 Results
Women Pole Vault Under 18:
1 Bartrim, Amanda, 16 Gosford Athl-3.60m
2 Norton, Dimity, 16 U.T.S. North- 2.80m
3 Dickerson, Lara, 16 Campbelltown- 2.80m
4 Langridge, Stephanie, 16 Westfields A- 2.60m.
Men Pole Vault Open:
1 Fryer, Matthew- 19 Campbelltown- 4.60m
2 Lucas, Blake-17 Campbelltown-4.50m
3 Clegg, Christopher- 23 Hills Distri- 4.40m        
4 Jacenko, Alexander- 24 Sutherland D- 3.80m
5 Butt, Anthony- 31 Nepean Distri- 3.70m
6 Lawton, Daniel- 22 Forster Athl- 3.70m
Women Pole Vault Open:
1 Clerc, Aurelie- 24 Campbelltown- 3.60m
  2 Bartrim, Amanda- 16 Gosford Athl- 3.40m
  3 Costello, Renee- 18 Campbelltown- 3.00m
  4 Welyczko, Stephanie- 19 Trinity-PLC- 3.00m
  5 Ros, Montserrat- 29 Wollongong- 2.70m
  6 Rieger, Bridget- 19 Campbelltown- 2.60m
  7 Moulden, Amy- 18 U.T.S. North- 2.60m
Men Pole Vault Under 18:
1 Crandell, John-16 Asics Wests- 2.70m
  2 Coop, Tim- 17 Blacktown C.- 2.40m
Blake qualifies for World Youth with a 4.75 at Homebush today
AIM Allcomers 24th Feb 2007, SOPAC.
On a wet and rainy day the downpour stopped five minutes before the competition and resumed 15 
minutes after. Long enough to see the long-awaited qualifier by Blake Lucas. This will enable 
the 17 year old to participate in, and gain invaluable experience at, the 5th IAAF World Youth 
Championships -Ostrava, Czech Republic-
11-15 July 2007. Matt Frier also did well repeating 
a 4.60 that sees him on his way back towards the 4.90m pb of two years ago, also in preparation for the World Youth that year. Alex settled on a, by now regular 4.00m and Andrew Flint showed lots of potential on his second ever comp with 3.50m.
Heavy rainfall caused the cancellation of the 2.00m start competition later in the day.
Men Under 18: 1 Lucas, Blake 17 Campbelltown 4.75m Open: 1 Fryer, Matthew 19 C'town 4.60m
 2 Jacenko, Alexander 24 Sutherland D 4.00m 3 Butt, Anthony 31 Nepean Distri 3.50m 4 Flint, 
Andrew 31 Bankstown Sp 3.50m-- Barber, Michael 21 Hills Distri NH-- Clegg, Christopher 23 
Hills Distri NH 35+: 1 Carrero, Phillip 56 Randwick Bot 3.30m 
Good results at Campbelltown's Twilight Allcomers.
6th March 2007
This is Blake's 2nd World Youth qualifier. Very close to NSW U18 rec at 4.91.
Boys                          2.40 2.60 2.70 3.40 3.60 3.80 4.00 4.20 4.50 4.70 4.75 4.91 
1. Blake Lucas (17)       p      p     p     p      p      p      p     p     o      p     o    xxx     4.75WYQ
2. Matthew Fryer (19)    p      p     p     p      p      p      p     p     xo   xxx                   4.50
3. Alex Jacenko (24)     p      p     p     p      p      p    xxo  xxx                                  4.00
4. Andrew Flint (31)      p      p      p     o      xo   xxx                                                3.60
5. Albert Gay (65)        o      o    xxx (=NSW 65+ rec)                                               2.60
-. Phillip Carrero (56)    p      p      p    xxx                                                                 NH

Girls                                 2.00 2.20 2.40
1. Alex Prenc Sadler (13)      o    xo   xxx
-. Bridget Reiger (19)            p     p    xxx 
NSW Records fall at State Masters
Campbelltown 24 March 2007
Men 30-34: Anthony Butt, 3.65m (NSW rec)
Men 45-49:
William Tyler, 3.10m
Men 55-59: Phillip Carrero, 3.30m
Men 65-69: Albert Gay, 2.80m (NSW rec)
Against a strong head wind both Anthony Butt and Albert Gay set two NSW records for their age groups. In both cases not their best of recent months and yet better than the best. Augurs well for Masters PV next season, congratulations!
PB's at Campbelltown Allcomers
17 March 2007
After waiting for a forecasted southerly change to bring a tail wind, it came, but with heavy rain as well. It was good for the main contingent, which vaulted before the downpour, but not so for anything higher than Fryer's 4.60m (1). Both Alex Jacenko (2) and Andrew Flint (3) produced good PB's on the last comp of their first ever season. It certainly augurs well for next season at all levels.
Men Open: 1 Fryer, Matthew Campbelltown 4.60m 2 Jacenko, Alexander Sutherland D 4.30m 3 Flint, Andrew Bankstown Sp 3.70m Men 35+: 1 Carrero, Phillip Randwick Bot 3.30m
Good heights by some at AIM Allcomers, Bankstown 20/01/07
Whilst fickle winds affected parts of the competition there were, nevertheless some remarkable performances today at Bankstown.
Andrew Flint, from Bankstown Sports, vaulted 3.40m with a stiff pole technique and 10 step run, raising a new club record and PB in the process. Such a feast with the fundamental technique (not bending the pole) hasn't been witnessed in NSW for many a year. It was Andrew's first ever comp and after only 6 sessions of training it promises more and better to come. 
In the Masters, PV coach Phil Carrero  established a spanking new NSW and Australian Record for the 55-59 age group with 3.65m, eclipsing Rob Barclay's old 3.45 mark in 1994 by a solid 20 cm.
Women Under 18: 1 Langridge, Stephanie Westf 2.60m OPEN: Ros, Montserrat Wol 2.60m Men Under 18: Reilly, Sam Asics Wests 2.60m 2m start OPEN: 1 Flint, Andrew Bank Sp 3.40m 3.30m start OPEN: 1 Fryer, Matthew C'town 4.25m 2 Clegg, Christopher Hills 4.10m 3 Jacenko, Alexander Suthld D 3.80m 3.30m start 35+: 1 Carrero, Phillip RBH 3.65m

Day 2 at the Youth Olympic Festival 20/01/07
Men 18 & Under Pole Vault:

 1. 25 Blake Lucas, Green, 4.35m; 2. 206 Sinisa Zagorac, New Zealand, 4.20m; 3.114 Harry Parkinson, Yellow, 4.00m; 3. 78 Mitch Fox, Red, 4.00m; 5. 171 Po Jen Lin, Chinese Taipei, 4.00m

Youth records galore at the Youth Olympic Festival in Sydney 19/01/07
The winner, Vicky Parnov broke the AYOF record of 3.9 metres by an amazing clearance of 4.25 metres.
Vicky Parnov' s 4.25m

Amanda Bartrim, 15 years old, from Gosford Athletics cleared a PB of 3.7 metres,( or about 12'2") to win Silver in the 2007 Australian Youth Olympic Festival in Sydney this afternoon. There was a field of 8 under 18 women pole vaulters from China, New Zealand, Oceania and Australia.  This was Amanda's first International competition and she vaulted beyond herself to take the silver. Her previous PB was 3.6 metres. Amanda's 3.7 metres vault broke her own NSW state under 18 record of 3.6 metres and also the NSW Under 20 record of 3.61 metres. It is also an Australian Open qualifier. Amanda has now broken the NSW U16,18 and 20 records this season.

Women 18 & Under Pole Vault

 1, 40 Vicki Parnov, Aust. Orange, 4.25m. 2, 1 Amanda Bartrim, Aust. Green, 3.70m. 3, 89 Rachel Birtles, Aust. Yellow, J3.70m. 4, 129 Qiaozhen Xiong, China, 3.55m. 5, 73 Emily Zerella, Aust. Red, 3.40m. 6, 193 Jaedena Ward, New Zealand, J3.40m. 7, 159

 Hsiang Wen Liu, Chinese Taipei, 3.20m. 8, 218 Morgan Williams, Oceania, 2.80m.

NSW Club Championships Results - 16/12/2006
Open A Division:  1 Clegg, Christopher 22 Hills Aim 4.25m; 2 Jacenko, Alexander 23 Sutherland 3.80m; 3 Crandell, John 15 Asics Wests 2.90m; 4 Natusch, Daniel 18 University Nsw 2.90m; 5 Zylstra, Michael 16 Uts Norths 2.60m; 6 Rouco, Jonathan 16 Bankstown 2.30m -- Carrero, Phillip 55 Randwick Botany NH Under 18 A Division: 1 Holland, Oliver 17 Uts Norths 3.20m; 2 Psarakis, Michael 17 Bankstown 2.00m -- Hua, Collin 16 St George NH
Open B Division: 1 Barber, Michael 20 Hills Aim 3.05m; 2 Harwood, Jon 24 Uts Norths 2.45m; 3 Reilly, Sam 16 Asics Wests 2.45m; 4 Apostolidis, Dean 17 St George 2.15m; 5 Suapopo, Robert 16 University Nsw 2.00m -- Baxter, Jack 20 Bankstown NH Under 18 B Division: 1 Goessler, Marvin 15 Uts Norths 2.90m; 2 Murphy, Terence 16 St George 2.45m -- Rouco, Andrew 16 Bankstown NH

A sports report on Amanda Bartrim.15 of Gosford Athletics.
A rising star in Australian Women's Pole Vaulting.
Coach Bob Watson, 16 Dec 2006

   Amanda is in her 3rd season of pole vaulting. She cleared 2.9 metres in her 1st and 3.32m in her 2nd season of vaulting.

    She is now in her 3rd season and is very focused on being on an Australian team to compete internationally.  In October Amanda cleared 3..32 metres to better the Under 16 NSW Woman's Pole Vault record.  On Saturday, Nov. 11th…She, again broke her Under 16 and plus the Under 18 years records by clearing 3.5 metres at Homebush. At Bankstown on Nov.25th she cleared 3.55 metres.   On Thursday, Dec.7th at the Australian All Schools Championships at Homebush she cleared 3.5 metres to become the National under 16 champion. On Saturday, Dec. 9th she won Gold in the under 18 with a personal best of 3.6 metres again breaking both records.

    Amanda has now raised the NSW Under 16 record from 3.31 metres and the under 18 from 3.40 metres to 3.6 metres. The State under 20 record is 3.61 metres, only 1 cm higher!!!  Last year Amanda qualified for the NSW Institute of Sport's Emerging Athlete Program targeting 14 to 20 years athletes. This has helped Amanda and her coaches to better understand the needs of elite athletics and the dedication necessary to get to international levels.

    We purchased 3 new 14' poles for Amanda in November through a lot of fund raising by her parents and coaches. She is adapting well to the 14' poles (14' poles are used by international level woman vaulters). We hope when she feels more confident, she will be able to clear a World Youth qualifier of 3.9 metres, make the Australian team and realise her dreams of competing internationally.

    On Dec 15th Amanda was accepted into the Australian Youth Olympic Festival at Homebush from January 17th to 21st. This will give her the opportunity to meet and compete with international pole vaulters from around the world for the first time.

     We need to get financial support for her to achieve these goals. There are a number of expenses necessary ahead that can't be met by her parents, coaches and club. She needs to enrol in a gymnastics school at a  cost of $250 per term plus any gym gear the gym require.  We need larger 14' poles soon at a cost of $590 each. We need travel, accommodation expenses and other sports gear for her in the near future.  Amanda, her mother and coaches need to travel with her around the nation to get the necessary competitions to refine her into an international pole vaulter. We hope there are interested local businesses and organisations that can come onboard to help her achieve her dreams in this demanding and expensive event  

     We need Amanda to train with Mark Stewart and his vaulters in Box Hill , Victoria for a week or so this winter, so we can all learn from one of the best PV coaches in the world. This way we can offer her the best and she can still live at home, finish her schooling, be with family and friends and train on the Central Coast .  In 2000 ,through the support of NSW Sport and Rec plus a lot of hard work from the members of Gosford Athletics and Little A's we built a very good PV facility at Adcock Park, West Gosford to rival any in the state.

        Now it is up to you, as we are doing all we can for Amanda and others that wish to "Have a go at pole vaulting".

   . For more information or sponsorship please contact.

           Bob Watson… P/F 61 2 43 811995…..+61412649556 …  suenbob@acs.net.au  or Debbie Bartrim at 61 2 43417709   or Brett Williams on +61437007034

          Regards, Bob Watson, Pole Vault coach, Gosford Athletics, Adcock Park, West Gosford

We have made our secure server available if you wish to contribute for Amanda's training here and now. (Please also notify Bob, Debbie or Brett if you do so.)
07.12.2006 - 10.12.2006 (NSW)
Australian All Schools & Youth Athletics Championships
Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre, Sydney, NSW
See all results at Athletics Australia
Sunday, 10 December  2006
9:00am Under 17 boys   9:00am Under 18 boys  
1 Blake Lucas 90 NSW 4.35m
2 Mitch Fox 90 SA 4.20m
3 Harry Parkinson 90 SA 4.20m
4 Mitchell Wake 90 QLD 4.20m
5 Blake Thompson 90 QLD 4.05m
6 Todd Dawson 90 VIC 4.05m
7 Luke Hallett 90 QLD 3.75m
8 Daniel Bailey 90 VIC 3.75m
9 Matthew Bews 90 VIC 3.75m
10 Chad Mansur 90 NSW 3.20m
1 James Wendt 89 VIC 4.15m
2 Theophilos Toumazos 91 SA 4.00m
3 Christopher Lewis 89 NSW 4.00m
4 Matthew Harris 89 NSW 3.70m
5 Zachariah Nelson 91 VIC 3.70m
6 Stephen Pegg 89 VIC 3.50m
Two jumps is all that was required for Blake Lucas to take the Under 17 Boy’s Pole Vault. Lucas entered the competition at 4.35m, a height that no other athlete in the competition was able to clear. He cleared the height on his second attempt and then had three unsuccessful attempts at a new personal best of 4.61m.
Saturday, 9 December  2006
10:00am Under 14 girls   10:00am Under 14 boys  
1 Elizabeth Parnov 94 WA 3.50m
2 Natasha Keir 94 QLD 3.00m
3 Amy Manford 93 WA 2.60m
3 Kim Kennedy 93 NSW 2.60m
5 Naomi Princi 94 SA 2.50m
6 Dariya Salmin 94 WA 2.50m
7 Dolly Wake 93 QLD 2.20m
1 Brendan Browne 93 SA 3.10m
2 Dominic Poole 93 VIC 3.10m
3 Dimitri Toumazos 93 SA 3.00m
4 Jed Bews 93 VIC 3.00m
5 Brad Jenner 93 NSW 2.80m
6 Brodie Cross 94 VIC 2.45m
Liz Parnov picked up where she left off on Thursday, equalling her older sister’s meet record of 3.50m in the under-14 pole vault to dominate the event. Although she couldn’t match the height and new personal best of 3.64 metres that she produced in the under-15 pole vault on Thursday, the 12-year-old looks set for a very bright future.
1:00pm Under 17 girls   1:00pm Under 18 girls  
1 Rachel Birtles 90 WA 3.80m
2 Vicky Parnov 90 WA 3.80m
3 Ellen Pearce 92 WA 3.60m
4 Samantha Lee 91 QLD 3.35m
5 Sarah Green 90 WA 3.20m
6 Lauren Vaessen 90 TAS 2.90
7 Emily Bews 92 VIC 2.90m
8 Georgina Digance 92 SA 2.50m
9 Caitlin Rosewarne 90 VIC 2.30m
1 Amanda Bartrim 91 NSW 3.60m

2 Emily Zerella 91 VIC 3.30m
3 Angela Li 89 QLD 3.30m
4 Belinda Wong 89 SA 3.15m
5 Renee Costello 89 NSW 3.00m
6 Lara Huston 89 NSW 3.00m
7 Sally Wilson 91 SA 2.80m

Up and coming Rachel Birtles strived to win her age group with a nice 3.80m performance. Even though this height was 10cm lower than her State  All Schools 3.90m last month it shows she is firmly established at this level. Vicky was superb in achieving the same height, albeit from an 8 steps run as opposed to Rachel's 12. Certainly a solid preparation to pay off when her run lengthens later in the season.
Both Vicky Parnov and Rachel Birtles are part of the National under-17 development squad and both under the tutelage of renowned pole vault coach Alex Parnov.
Amanda Bartrim continued her record breaking spree this season, further improving the NSW Under 18 and Under 16 Records in the Pole Vault. Bartrim claimed her second gold medal of the meet in the Under 18 Pole Vault. After having the competition sewn up by clearing 3.45m, Bartrim upped the bar to 3.60m and cleared the height on her third attempt.
Thursday, 7 December  2006
1:00pm Under 15 girls 1:00pm Under 16 girls  
1 Elizabeth Parnov 94 WA 3.64m
2 Ellen Pearce 92 WA 3.30m
3 Georgina Digance 92 SA 2.70m
4 Elise Schievenin 92 SA 2.50m
5 Amy Manford 93 WA 2.50m
6 Olivia Cummings 92 VIC 2.30m
7 Dariya Salmin 94 WA 2.30m
8 Amy Ansell 93 VIC 2.30m
9 Maya Amhaz 92 VIC 2.10m
1 Amanda Bartrim 91 NSW 3.50m
2 Emily Zerella 91 VIC 3.30m
3 Samantha Lee 91 QLD 3.25m
4 Stephanie Langridge 91 NSW 2.85m
5 Breanne Cross 91 VIC 2.85m
6 Sally Wilson 91 SA 2.85m
7 Lara Dickerson 91 NSW 2.85m
8 Stephanie Hollis 91 QLD 2.70m
9 Dimity Norton 91 NSW 2.50m
In a dominating performance, 12 year old Liz Parnov of WA took out the gold medal in the under-15 girls pole vault, clearing a height of 3.64 metres to smash her previous personal best of 3.45 metres and defeat girls nearly two years older in age.  The rising talent is well bred for athletics - her aunt is Tatiana Grigorieva and Vicky, 3rd at World Youth earlier this year, her sister. Her grandmother Natalya Pechonkina won a bronze medal in the 400 metres at the 1968 Olympics. Fellow Western Australian Ellen Pearce finished second (3.30m) in the final, with South Australian Georgina Digance taking the bronze medal, clearing a height of 2.70 metres. Amanda's winning height of 3.50m gave her a clear winning margin of 20 centimetres on second place getter Emily Zerella (Victoria). Having secured the title Bartrim made three unsuccessful attempts at 3.62m, in an attempt to break the NSW U20 Record of 3.61m held by Rosanna Ditton.
3:30pm Under 15 boys   3:30pm Under 16 boys   
1 Nicholas Kelly 92 SA 3.45m
2 Zane Priest 92 SA 3.40m
3 Dale Montgomerie 92 SA 3.35m
4 Brendan Browne 93 SA 3.00m
5 Dominic Poole 93 VIC 2.85m
6 Travis Rickard 92 VIC 2.40m
1 Jackson Bews 91 VIC 4.10m
2 Theophilos Toumazos 91 SA 4.10m
3 Zachariah Nelson 91 VIC 3.80m
4 John Crandell 91 NSW 2.60m
RESI Club Premiership Rd 6-SOPAC - 12/2/2006
Women, Under 17 1 Bartrim, Amanda 15 Gosf 3.40m; 2 Langridge, Stephanie 15 Westf 2.80m; 3 Kennedy, Kim 13 Hills 2.60m; 4 Norton, Dimity 15 U.T.S. N 2.40m Open 1 Montserrat, Ros 28 Woll 2.40m Men, Under 20 1 Lewis, Christopher 17 Campbltn 3.80m Open 1 Clegg, Christopher 22 Hills 3.80m 2 Jacenko, Alexander 23 Suthrlnd 3.80m (pb?) 35 + 1 Carrero, Phillip 55 RBH 3.40m
Amanda sets a higher bar for NSW.
Bankstown, 25 November 2006.

Amanda Bartrim
training at 
Adcock Park in West Gosford. 3.30m
Women Under 17:
1 Bartrim, Amanda Gos 3.55m 2 Norton, Dimity UTSN 2.70m
Women Open:1 Montserrat, Ros Wol 2.40m 2 Baldwin, Talitha Bankstown Sp 2.40m
Men Under 17: 1 Crandell, John  Wes 2.70m (pb) 2 Carrigan, Drew Ban 2.20m (pb)
Men 35+: 1 Carrero, Phillip Rbh 3.30m
Amanda Bartrim, from Gosford Athletics reaffirmed her quality today at the Bankstown's Round 5 Resi Premiership. She re-set the NSW Under 16 and Under 18 records of two weeks ago at Homebush with a superb performance of 3.55m


Focused training pays off for the young, hard working vaulter. Under the guidance of Bob Watson, an ex prime vaulter himself, Amanda has benefited in first-hand training at the renowned Box Hill hub, with coach Mark Stewart and vaulter Jacinta Lynn on site. Coach Bob says, with a twinkle in his eye: "-watch out for the Under 20's as well!-"

BARTRIM BREAKS NSW U16 & U18 POLE VAULT RECORD - RESI Club Premiership Rd 4-SOPAC - 11/11/2006
Competing at Round 4 of the Resi Club Premiership, Amanda Bartrim (Gosford Athletics Club) set a new NSW U18 and U16 Record*. Bartrim cleared a height of 3.50m to better the U18 Record of 3.41m and U16 Record of 3.30m, both held by Naomi Bligh. Women Pole Vault Under 17
1 Bartrim, Amanda 14 Gosford Athl 3.50m 
2 Dickerson, Lara 15 Campbelltown 2.60m 
3 Langridge, Stephanie 15 Westfields A 2.50m 
4 Weiner, Lucy 15 Gosford Athl 2.10m
Men Pole Vault OPEN
1 Jacenko, Alexander 22 Sutherland D 3.60m
2 Barber, Michael 20 Hills Distri 3.00m
Men Pole Vault Under 20
1 Lewis, Christopher 17 Campbelltown 3.60m 
2 Harris, Matthew 17 Maitland Sen 3.50m
Men Pole Vault Under 17
1 Crandell, John 15 Asics Wests 2.70m 
2 Jenner, Brad 13 Westfields A 2.60m 
3 Carrigan, Drew 15 Bankstown Sp 2.00m
Women Pole Vault OPEN
1 Clerc, Aurelie 22 Campbelltown 3.50m
Women Pole Vault Under20
1 Welyczko, Stephanie 18 Trinity-PLC 2.90m 
2 Costello, Renee 17 Campbelltown 2.80m
Compilation of Australian Pole Vault results, 24 Sep to 4 Nov 2006. 
All Pole Vault Ranking lists in one place!! 
Where do you stand against the best of them?
News from RBH PV, NSW PV,
Australian PV and World PV

Lara Dickerson 

Matt Fryer

Alex Jacenko


Blake Lucas 
The results of Campbelltown's first Halloween comp (31st Oct)
1. Blake Lucas 16 Campbelltown 4.60m (40cm pb)
2. Matt Fryer 18 Campbelltown 4.60m
3. Alex Jacenko 23 Sutherland 3.40m
   Murray Priestley 41 Campbelltown NH
1. Lara Dickerson 14 Campbelltown 2.70m (=pb)
2. Montse Ros  Wollongong 2.40m
   Jenny Tubby Wollongong NH
Boys Decathlon Pole Vault 17 yrs:


Two State Records were the highlights of the Australian Institute of Mathematics NSW All Schools, held over the weekend of 14 - 15 October at Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre.

1 Matthew Harris 3.80m
2 Tim Coop 2.60m
3 Chad Mansur 3.60m
4 Daniel Roberts 2.00m
5 Drew Carrigan 2.30m
ANSW Allcomers meet at Campbelltown, 
Sat 7/Oct/2006.

Standout was Blake Lucas (16) easily clearing =pb 4.20m from only 8 steps.

  1. Fryer, Matthew 18 Campbelltown 4.35m
  2. Lucas, Blake 16 Campbelltown 4.20m
  3. Carrero, Phillip 55 Randwick Bot 3.40m
  4. Jacenko, Alexander 23 Sutherland D 3.40m
  5. Priestley, Murray 41 Campbelltown 3.00m


Athletics Australia Results No 2 2007 (Compiled by Paul Jenes AA Statistician & ATFS)
13/1 Adelaide: Interclub at Santos Stadium: Men: M. Fox 4.20m, U/18 Parkinson 4.20m Women: Tankosic 3.50m, U/18 PV. Wong 3.10m U/18: Wong 3.10m
13/1 Ballarat: Shield Competition at Llanberis Track. Men: Pollard 4.70m
13/1 Kent, USA: Doug Raymond Indoor Invitational. Women: (1) Boxall 3.50m
13/1 Launceston: Intrastate Match at St.Leonards: Women: Dwyer 3.40m
13/1 Melbourne: Premier League & Shield at Box Hill: Men: Filshie 4.90m,Sherry 4.55m Women: Lynn 3.95m,Ditton 3! .95m,Car re 3.80m,Buchanan 3.50m,Zerella 3.20m
14/1 Gold Coast: PB Series 12 Men: A.Dziubinski 4.70m,Boyd 4.70m,Dickson 4.40m, McCarthy 4.40m,Arbuthnot 4.40m,Thompson & R. Allan 4.00m,Wake 4.00m Women: Lucock 4.00m,Li 3.40m
14/1 Perth: Strive Program at Perry Lakes: Men: Burgess 5.70m,Vedelago 5.00m Women: Birtles 3.75m,Tiong 3.65m,E.Parnov 3.50m


SELECTION STANDARDS, 5th IAAF World Youth Championships -Ostrava, Czech Republic- 11-15 July 2007

Men A/B Women 
5.70m/5.60m Pole Vault 4.45m/4.30m

Men   Women

Pole Vault


Home victory for Kim, lots of promise for girl's vaulting at Oz.
Sat 17th Feb 2007 - Sydney Telstra "A" Meet
Straight back from a successful Donetsk campaign, Kim Howe showed her winning pace, once more before a home crowd at Homebush. Her winning vault of 4.45m showed a lot more clearance than her higher attempts suggested. Alana Boyd was also brilliant despite a shifting tail to side wind not helping in the choice of the right pole. Rosanna Ditton and young Vicky Parnov in the trail back to an easy second 4.20m for the season.
Women Pole Vault Open: 
1, Kym Howe, WAIS, 4.45m. 2, Alana Boyd, QAS, 4.35m. 3, Rosanna Ditton, VIC, 4.20m. 4, Vicky Parnov, WAIS, 4.20m. 5, Jana Tankosic, SA, 3.80m.
New Australian record for Kim Howe at Donetsk - Budgie Wins! 
Sat 10th Feb 2007
- Donetsk, Ukraine.

Commonwealth Games champion Kym Howe has broken her own Australian and Commonwealth pole vault record, leaping 4.72m in her first attempt at Sergey Bubka annual "Pole Vault Stars" indoor meeting in Donetsk, Ukraine.

Women Pole Vault
1 Yelena Isinbaieva RUS 4.93
2 Kym Howe AUS 4.72
3 Anna Rogowska POL 4.72
4 Tatiana Polnova RUS 4.62
5 Yulia Golubchikova RUS 4.62

World number two Paul Burgess won the mens event for the second year in succession, leaping 5.80m to claim victory on a count back from former Australian representative Victor Chistiakov.  The victory for Burgess comes after last weekends victory in Stuttgart to round off a successful European campaign.
Men Pole vault
1 Paul Burgess AUS 5,80
2 Viktor Chistyakov RUS 5,80
3 Oleksande Korchmid UKR 5,80
4 Leonid Kivalov RUS 5,50

Australian Athletics Results No 4 2007
26/1 Gold Coast: PB Series 13: Arbuthnot 4.50m; Li 3.30m
27/28.1 Adelaide: State Champs at Santos Stadium: Markov 5.55m,Sims & Mansfield 4.40m, Simons 4.00m, U/18 Men: M. Fox 4.30m,Parkinson 4.20m, U/16 Girls: Sally Wilson 3.00m
3/2 Adelaide: Interclub at Santos Stadium: Markov 5.55m,MacDermot 4.80m,Simons 4.40m,Sims 4.15m, Mansfield 4.00m, U/20  R Thomas 4.00m, U/18 Fox 4.15m,Parkinson 4.15m,Toumazos 4.15m Women: Tankosic 3.85m,
Stuttgart, Germany: Sparkassen Indoor Cup. (4) Burgess 5.70m
26/1 Launceston: Dwyer 3.40m
27/1 Brisbane: League at Nathan: Boyd 5.00m, A.Dziubinski 4.70m, Allan 4.00m
28/1 Perth: Strive Athletics at Perry Lakes. Johnson 4.20m,Debenish 4.00m Women: Tiong 3.40m
3/2 Gold Coast: PB Series 14. Dickson 4.60m,Allan 4.25m,Wake 4.00m Women: Li 3.10m
3/4.2 Melbourne: State Youth & U/23 Champs & Relays at Doncaster. J. Pocklington 4.60m,Pollard 4.60m,Joubert 4.40m U/23 Women: Lynn 4.20m,Kruger 3.40m U/18 Men: J. Bews 4.20m,Dawson 4.10m,M.Bews 4.00m U/18 Women: Zerella 3.30m,Breanne Cross 3.00m

South Australian Interclub Championships 2007
March 3-4, 2007, Santos Athletic Stadium, Mile End, South Australia
Women Pole Vault Open: 1, Belinda Wong, WD, 3.40m U/20: 1, Jordan Lambert, TTG, 2.10m. 2, Shannon Lambert, TTG, J2.10m U/18: 1, Sally Wilson, WD, 3.00m U/16: 1, Georgina Digance, WD, 2.50m. 2, Elise Schievenin, W! D, 2.30m U/14: 1, Naomi Princi, WD, 2.50m RESERVE: 1, Sally Wilson, WD, 3.30m. 2, Laura Rudaks, WD, 3.20m. 3, Nyssa Wedding, PEM, 2.10m. Men Pole Vault Open: 1, Jarrod Sims, SAL, 4.40m. 2, Mitchell Fox, EH, 4.20m. 3, Sam Giatrakos, EH, 4.00m. 4, Thomas Mansfield, TTG, 3.80m. 5, Jason Stevens, SAC, 3.40m. 6, Shane Carter, TTG, 3.20m. 7, Brendan Browne, SAC, 3.00m U/20 1, Harry Parkinson, SPC, 4.10m. 2, Theophilos Toumazos, SPC, J4.10m U/181, Nicholas Kelly, PEM, 3.40m. 2, Benjamen Keith Hall, SAL, 2.30m. U/16 & nbsp;1, Hamish Grant, SPC, 2.40m. 2, Blake Steele, TTG, 1.90m. 3, David McNulty, SPC, J1.90m. 4, Aaron Jelfs, TTG, 1.70m O/35 1, Kym Miller, EH, 2.10m. 2, David Jelfs, TTG, 1.70m. 3, Mike Cook, TTG, 1.50m.
2007 Melbourne Telstra A Series
IAAF World Athletics Tour
Olympic Park, Melbourne  - 2/03/2007
ACT Athletics Championships Day 1 - 
Friday 3 March 2007
 1, Steven Hooker, WAIS, 5.81m. 2, Brad Walker, USA, 5.71m. 3, Paul Burgess, WAIS, 5.50m. 4, Toby Stevenson, USA, 5.35m. 5, Dimitri Markov, SASI, 5.35m. Open: 1 Matthew Fryer Campbelltown 4.50m 2 Alexander Jacenko Sutherland 4.00m -- Scott Dziubinski Nth Canb-Gung NH -- Andrew Keeling Nth Canb-Gung  NH
Under 18: 1 Blake Lucas Campbelltown 4.50m
Australian Athletics Results No 7 2007
Compiled by Paul Jenes, Athletics Australia Statistician
17/2 Kent, USA: Indoors: Women: PV(3) Boxall 3.35m. 23/24.2 Akron, USA: MAC Indoors: Women: PV(13) Boxall 3.55m
23-25/2 Brisbane: State Champs at QEII: Men: Boyd 5.10m,Miroshnichenko 5.00m, Arbuthnot 4.60m,McCarthy 4.40m,Dickson 4.40m,Allan 4.20m. Women: Li 3.50m
23-25/2 Melbourne: Victorian Championships at Olympic Park: Men: Filshie 5.15m,Pocklington 5.00m, Pollard 4.60m,Sherry 4.60m,Joubert 4.60m,Hanna 4.20m, U/20 H. Nelson 4.35m,Wendt 4.20m,M.Bews 4.00m,Dawson 4.00m. Women: Ditton 4.20m,Hill (Gbr) & Lynn 3.90m,Carre 3.90m,Hartigan 3.30m,Kruger 3.30m,Thompson 3.10m, U/20 Williams 3.55m,Zerella 3.20m
23-25/2 Perth: State Champs at Perry Lakes.: B. Walker (USA) 5.92m,Burgess 5.61m, T. Stevenson (USA) 5.61m,Johnson 4.41m,Devenish 4.41m,Tzvetanov 4.21m, U/18 Hayto 4.30m. Women: Howe 4.40m,V.Parnov 3.90m,Tiong 3.80m, Scroop 3.70m,E.Parnov 3.50m,Pearce 3.50m, U/18 Scroop 3.40m, U/18 V.Parnov 3.80m, U/16  E.Parnov 3.50m,Pearce 3.40m
24/2 Adelaide: Field Relays and Invitations: Fox 4.00m, U/18 Parkinson 4.00m. Women: U/18 Wilson 3.10m, U/20 Wong 3.40m,Wilson 3.10m
Australian Athletics Results No 8 2007
Compiled by Paul Jenes, Athletics Australia Statistician
3/2 Launceston: Interclub at St.Leonards: Women:  Dwyer 3.45m 
13/2 Launceston: Interclub. Shepherd 4.10m, Philpott 4.10m,  Women: Dwyer 3.30m
24/2 Launceston: Interclub. Shepherd 4.00m, Women: Dwyer 3.60m
1/3 Melbourne: Premier League at Olympic Park. J. Pocklington 4.95m,Pollard 4.55m,Sherry 4.55m, Nelson 4.40m,J.Bews 4.25m, Women: Lynn 4.10m,Ditton 3.80m, Hill (Gbr) 3.80m,Hartigan 3.20m,Holland 3.00m,Thompson 3.00m
Shield Competition: Williams 3.60m,Kruger 3.20m
3/4.3 Adelaide: Finals Day. Sims 4.40m, M. Fox 4.20m,Giatrakos 4.00m Women: Wong 3.40m,Wilson 3.30m Rudaks 3.20m
4/3 Gold Coast: PB Series. Boyd 5.15m,Miroshnichenko 5.00m,A.Dziubinski 5.00m,Hayto 4.60m,Dickson 4.40m Women: V Parnov 4.00m
6/3 Melbourne: Shield at Box Hill. Filshie 5.10m,J.Pocklington 4.75m,Pollard 4.60m,Sherry 4.30m,Dawson 4.00m Women: Ditton 4.00m,Lyn n 3.80m,Carre 3.80m,Williams 3.60m,Zerella 3.40m,Kruger 3.20m, M. Adams 3.20m
6/3 Melbourne: Shield at Coburg: Hanna 4.50m Women: Hill (Gbr) 3.85m,K.Thompson 3.40m, Hartigan 3.40m (Women's World Record Masters 50-54), Holland 3.00m
It's been a Brad Walker day at the Australian Nationals, Brisbane 2007.
Report by Richard Welsh for Athletics Australia Media
10 March 2007
Brad Walker, USA. 
5.95m to March 2007
6,00m in 2006.

The men’s pole vault extended the evening’s program considerably, but the majority of the crowd stayed to enjoy a world class competition. Steve Hooker won the Australian title clearing 5.50m, however, it was US star Brad Walker who vaulted the highest. The American had three attempts at an American record of 6.04m, aiming to be the fourth highest in the history of the event, but had to settle for a 2007 world-leading 5.95m.

Men Pole Vault Open
  Section 1: 1, Brad Walker, USA, 5.95m, WCA. 2, Steven Hooker, WAIS, 5.50m. 2, Toby Stevenson, USA, 5.50m. 4, Paul Burgess, WAIS, 5.35m. 5, Joel Pocklington, VIC, 5.20m. 5, Alex Miroshnichenko, QLD, 5.20m. 5, James Filshie, VIC, 5.20m. 8, Aidan Dziubinski, QLD, 5.00m. 8, Matt Boyd, QAS, 5.00m. 10, Tim Mac Dermot, SA, 4.80m. 11, Scott Dziubinski, ACT, 4.60m.

Sunday 11th March 2007
The women’s pole vault had two athletes in contention to gain automatic selection for the world championships in Kym Howe (WAIS) and Alana Boyd (QAS), as both had two A-qualifiers going into today’s final.  Howe, the Australian record holder won the title with a vault of 4.55m.  Athletics Queensland Development Officer Boyd was second leaping 4.35 with Victorian Rosanna Ditton third with 4.20m.

1, Kym Howe, WAIS, 4.55m, WCA. 2, Alana Boyd, QAS, 4.35m, WCB. 3, Rosanna Ditton, VIC, 4.20m. 4, Charmaine Lucock, QAS, 4.20m. 5, Jacinta Lynn, VIC, 4.05m. 6, Vicky Parnov, WAIS, 4.05m. 7, Irie Hill, VIC, 3.90m. 8, Jamie Scroop, WA, 3.70m. 8, Simone Carre, VIC, 3.70m. 10, Jacqueline Williams, VIC, 3.70m. 11, Aurelie Clerc, NSW, 3.50m

Budgie, Australia’s highest ranked athlete and No. 1 in the world

Extract from IAAF 

The recently-released IAAF world rankings have confirmed pole vault star Paul Burgess as Australia’s highest ranked athlete and No. 1 in the world in his discipline. Burgess was last awarded the top post after his win in the IAAF World Athletics Final in Stuttgart in September last year - (AA)

Men's Pole Vault. 26 March 2007 

Pl.  Athlete Birth Nat Score
1. Paul BURGESS  79 AUS 1357
2. Steven HOOKER  82 AUS 1356
3. Brad WALKER  81 USA 1331
Best performances by NSW pole vaulters during the 2006/07 Summer season
Blake Lucas CBT 4.75m  Amanda Bartrim GOS  3.70m 
Mixed fortunes in Pole Vault at the 2007 Hobart Masters Nationals
Men 40-44: 1. Tony Nash M43 NSW 2.60m Men 45-49: 1. William Tyler M47 NSW 3.00m 2.Michael Maher M48 TAS 2.50m Men 50-54: 1Peter Podolak M51 TAS 2.70m Men 55-59: 1. Vasyl Shuter M58 QLD 2.10m Men 60-64: 1. George Schillinger M61 VIC 2.20m 2. Selwyn Hawken M61 QLD 1.80m Men 65-69: 1. Rob Barclay M68 VIC 2.70m 2. Jim Poulter M65 VIC 2.60m 3. Eric Lockett M67 TAS 2.30m 4. Kana Nathan M68 SA 1.60m Men 70-74: 1. Ron Johnson M74 NZ 2.10m Women 45-49: 1. Trish Stallard W49 NSW 1.60m Women 55-59: 1. Wilma Perkins W57 QLD 2.10m

ASA Interclub 2006/2007 13/01/2007 - Interclub Summer 2 Week 1 (AA newsletter 16.01.07)

Women U/18: 1, Belinda Wong, WD, 3.10m.
Women RESERVE: 1, Jana Tankosic, PA, 3.50m. 2, Sally Wilson, WD, 2.70m. 3, Elise Schievenin, WD, 2.60m. 4, Georgina Digance, WD, 2.50m. 5, Naomi Princi, WD, 2.40m. 6,
 Jordan Lambert, TTG, 1.80m.
Men OPEN:  1, Mitchell Fox, EH, 4.20m. 2, Theophilos Toumazos, WD, 3.90m. 3, Richard Thomas, SPC, 3.50m. 4, Jason Stevens, SAC, 3.30m. 5, Kym Miller, EH, 2.50m.
Men U/18: 1, Harry Parkinson, SPC, 4.20m.
U/16: 1, Nicholas Kelly, PEM, 3.35m.
U/14: 1, Dimitri Toumazos, WD, 2.80m.
Australian Athletics Results No 1 2007. Compiled by Paul Jenes AA Statistician & ATFS  
3/1 Gold Coast: PB Series 11. Men: M. Boyd 4.40m,Dickson 4.40m,Allan 4.20m, Wake 4.30m
Women: A.Boyd 4.20m,Lucock 4.00m,Paton 3.50m,Li 3.00m,Lee 3.00m
4/1 Canberra: Interclub. S. Dziubinski 4.70m
6/7.1 Adelaide: State Multi Champs and U/23,20,14 Champs at Santos Stadium: M. Fox 4.20m,Parkinson 4.00m,Dobo 4.00m. U23 Women: Tankosic 3.50m. U20 W: Wong 3.15m
6/1 Melbourne: Shield Competition at Box Hill: Sherry 4.40m,J.Pocklington 4.25m,Grant 4.10m. Women: Ditton 3.95m,Carre 3.80m,Buchanan 3.45m,Williams 3.30m,Zerella 3.30m,Hartigan 3.00m,Jeffs (Can) 3.00m
6/1 Melbourne: Premier League and Shield Competition at Coburg: Hanna 4.35m. Women: Hill (Gbr) 3.75m,K.Thompson 3.30m
7/1 Brisbane: Club Champs at Nathan: Boyd 4.70m, A.Dziubinski 4.40m,Arbuthnot 4.20m. 11/1 Melbourne: Shield Comp at Melbourne University PV.H.Nelson 4.00m, Women: PV.Hill (Gbr) 3.80m, K.Thompson 3.20m
Burgess best in the West
World No. 1 vaulter voted WA’s top athlete of 2006

Pole vaulter Paul Burgess last night claimed The West Australian ANZ Sports Star of the Year title for 2006 to complete a high-flying 72 hours.

 Last Sunday, Burgess, 27, soared to a 5.91m clearance to win his event at Perth’s major annual track and field meeting, equalling his best of last year and propelling him to No. 1 in the world in 2007, a status he held for much of last year.  
Burgess’ victory in the world athletics final at Stuttgart last September earned him the biggest pay cheque of his career after edging out American Toby Stevenson and German Tim Lobinger on a count back for the $40,000 first prize when all three had cleared 5.82m.  
Burgess said he had mixed feelings after winning in Stuttgart.  
“It was one of the best days of my life, but also the day I found out the Eagles had lost to Sydney in the first week of the finals,” said the fervent West Coast fan.  
The WA Institute of Sport stalwart also won in Osaka and Rome, and finished second in Zurich and Berlin — an exceptional recovery from the injury which ruined his bid to retain his Commonwealth title in Melbourne.  
Although overtaken for the top ranking by training partner Steve Hooker at the World Cup — in which Burgess did not compete — his consistent excellence plus his win in the year’s major meeting convinced the judges he would be a worthy recipient of WA sport’s foremost accolade.

2007 All Multi Event and Under 20, 23 & 14 T & F State Championships
Girls Pole Vault Under 14
1, Naomi Princi, WD, 2.40m.
Women Pole Vault Under 20
 1, Belinda Wong, WD, 3.15m. 2, Sally Wilson, WD, 2.80m. 3, Elise Schievenin,
 WD, 2.50m. 4, Georgina Digance, WD, 2.40m.
Women Pole Vault Under 23
 1, Jana Tankosic, PA, 3.50m.
Boys Pole Vault Under 14
 1, Brendan Browne, SAC, 2.80m.
Men Pole Vault Under 20
 1, Mitchell Fox, EH, 4.20m. 2, Harry Parkinson, SPC, 4.00m. 3, Laszlo Dobo, PA, J4.00m.
Boyd sets qualifier for World's and attempts AR in Perth
Queensland pole vaulter Alana Boyd added her name to the list of Australian athletes who have reached the qualifying standard for this August’s world championships in Osaka, Japan, with impressive performances at the Drug Free Track and Field Classic at Perry Lakes Stadium in Perth tonight.


Alana Boyd, 4.55m.

Alana Boyd just missed selection for the Commonwealth Games and has obviously used the disappointment as motivation over winter, as the 22-year-old had already leapt a personal best of 4.40m in Brisbane this summer.
Tonight in Perth she added 15cm to her lifetime best, setting a new personal best of 4.55m, a world championship A-qualifier and the fourth best leap by an Australian woman.  Boyd had three close attempts at a new Australian, Oceania and Commonwealth record of 4.63m, 1cm better than Kym Howe’s existing mark; however that height will have to wait for another occasion.  Howe tonight’s missed the competition due to injury after cutting her foot in an ice bath yesterday, world junior championships bronze medallist Vicky Parnov finished second with 4.20m


Only 5.91? ...gee whiz, not bad, not bad.

Hey, 5.91m is still the best performance 
anywhere in the world in 2007!

"We both cleared 5.91m, and it is not often in the 
world you have that . . . so it was a really 
awesome competition, and 6.06m is not far away 
from one of us," 
Burgess said.
"6.06m is incentive enough. If I jumped that, I 
wouldn't be thinking about the money. I would be 
thinking about becoming the Australian record
holder and the No. 2 in history."
-Burgess came closest to vaulting 6.06 metres. 
He cleared the bar on the vault, but knocked it 
after falling too close on the way back to the mat.

... good on you Budgie.
(Editor's comment)

After successful clearances at 5.91m, the world’s top two pole vaulters set the bar to a new Australian, Commonwealth and Oceania record height of 6.06m, a height that only world record holder Sergey Bubka has cleared in competition.
With a bonus of $30,000 on the line for the first man to clear the height, neither was able to achieve the record breaking jump, with Hooker winning on a count back. He leaves for the United States in a fortnight for contests in Boston and New York, while Burgess will compete in Europe. 2003 world champion and Athens Olympic bronze medallist Giuseppe Gibilisco from Italy, finished third with a best of 5.51m.

Women Pole Vault Open

  Section 1: 1, Boyd, Alana, QAS, 4.55m. 2, Parnov, Vicky, WAIS, 4.20m. 3,

 Lynn, Jacinta, VIC, 4.00m. 4, Tiong, Miranda, WAIS, 3.90m. 4, Birtles, Rachel,

 WAIS, 3.90m.

Men Pole Vault Open

Section 1: 1, Burgess, Paul, WAIS, 5.91m. 2, Hooker, Steve, WAIS, 5.91m. 3,
 Gibilisco, Giuseppe, ITA, 5.51m. --, Filshie, James, VIC, NH.

(Extracts from AA, The Australian and the WA Herald)

04.01.2007. Cash on the line for high fliers in Perth
Pole vaulters Steve Hooker and Paul Burgess have the chance to collect a $30,000 bonus should they break the Australian record at this Sunday’s Drug Free Track and Field Classic at Perry Lakes Stadium in Perth.
Paul Burgess, Athens '04

The pole vault clash is the highlight of the first Athletics Australia national series event for 2007, as the domestic season moves into full swing ahead of the opening event of the Telstra A-Series in Canberra later this month.
Hooker and Burgess ended 2006 as the top two vaulters in the world on the IAAF rankings, with Hooker winning the Commonwealth Games and World Cup, and Burgess collecting the gold medal at the World Athletics Final.  Now they get the chance to compete in front of a home crowd, with the favourable Perry Lakes conditions expected to produce some spectacular jumping.

Joining the Perth-based duo is 2003 world champion and Athens Olympic bronze medallist Giuseppe Gibilisco from Italy, who has set up camp in Perth this summer in the hope of matching it with the Australian duo in 2007.

The St George Bank Mortgage Connect pole vault will offer $30,000 to the first athlete who can break the Australian record of 6.05m - set by Dmitri Markov in winning the 2001 world title in Edmonton, Canada.

Statistics say the record is safe, with a jump of 6.06m the second highest ever behind Sergey Bubka’s world record of 6.14m.  Since 2000 only five men in the world have jumped 6.00m – Australian’s Markov (6.05m - 2001) and Burgess (6.00m - 2005) and American’s Tim Mack (6.01m - 2004), Toby Stevenson (6.00m - 2004) and Brad Walker (6.00m - 2006). Hooker set a new lifetime best of 5.96m in Berlin last year, when he thought he had cleared 6.00m after asking officials to set the bar to the magical mark only to discover after a successful jump that they had misunderstood his request.
Commonwealth champion Kym Howe heads the start list in the women’s pole vault
Following Perth, national series events will be held in Sydney (13 January), Brisbane (20 January), and Hobart (9 February).  The Telstra A-Series meets will be held in Canberra (27 January), Sydney (17 February) and Melbourne (2 March) ahead of the Telstra Australian Championships in Brisbane (9-11 March).

Compiled from Athletics Australia 04/01/07
Further information, timetable and start lists for Perth are available at www.waathletics.org.au

Hooker, Webb set for Boston Indoor Games
Wednesday 3 January 2007
Boston, USA - 

Australian Steve Hooker, the #1 ranked pole vaulter in the world, and American miler Alan Webb are coming to the Reebok Boston Indoor Games on Jan. 27, organisers announced today. Both will be competing at the event for the first time.
Ranked #1 in the world by both the IAAF and Track & Field News, the 24-year-old Hooker had two of the top four vaults in the world in 2006, with clearances of 5.96 and 5.91. Also a 2004 Olympian, the colourful Aussie made his biggest splash by winning gold medals in 2006 at both the Commonwealth Games and World Cup.

Barbara Heubner for the IAAF 

Australian Athletics Results No 28 2006. Pole Vault compilation, (AA 04.01.07)
15/9 Gold Coast: PB Series 2. Men: McCarthy 4.20m, B.Thompson 4.00m, Women: Li 3.20m,Lee 3.00m
22/9 Gold Coast: PB Series 3. Men: Baart 4.40m,Thompson 4.10m, Women: Keir 3.25m
10/11 Gold Coast: PB Series: Men: B.Thompson 4.30m,Arbuthnot 4.20m,Dickson 4.10m, Women: A.Boyd 4.30m,Paton 3.40m,Li 3.30m,Lee 3.20m
10/12 Gold Coast: PB Meet No7. Men: McCarthy 4.40m, Women: Li 3.30m,Lee 3.20m
Australian Athletics Results No 27 2006. Compiled by Paul Jenes, AA 22.12.06)
9/12  Ballarat: Scott Grant 4.05m
9/12  Melbourne: Shield Competition at Doncaster: Ditton 3.80m
13/12  Melbourne: Shield Competition at Melbourne University: Men: Anthony Hannah 4.20m,Zac Nelson 4.00m, Hamish Nelson 4.00m Women: Hill (Gbr) 3.80m,Thompson 3.20m
16/12  Melbourne: Shield Competition at Box Hill: Men: Filshie 5.15m,Sherry 4.55m,Pollard 4.25m,de Rijke (Ned) 4.10m 
Women: Lynn 3.95m,Ditton 3.95m,Carre 3.70m,Williams 3.50m,Buchanan 3.30m,Kruger 3.30m,Hartigan 3.10m
16/12  Melbourne: Shield Competition at Meadow Glen: Women: Hill (Gbr) 3.70m,Thompson 3.25m,Holland 3.10m

17/12  Perth: Interclub: V.Parnov 3.75m,E.Parnov 3.45m,Pearce 3.35m

Lynn wins 2006 Telstra Zatopek Classic - 
Women Pole Vault Open
Jacinta Lynn, VIC, 4.00m. 2, Irie Hill, VIC, 3.90m. 3, Rosanna Ditton, VIC, 3.80m. 4, Simone Carre, VIC, 3.50m
Pole vault stars unite in Oz

By Scott Gullan (Fox Sports)

THE world's best male pole vaulters are flocking to Australia to train after watching Steve Hooker and Paul Burgess finish No. 1 and No. 2 on the IAAF rankings this year.
Training grounds... stars flock to Oz for preparation

Already Athens Olympic bronze medal winner and 2003 world champion, Italy's Giuseppe Gibilisco, has moved to Perth and is living with Burgess.
Expected to follow soon is a batch of Americans led by Brad Walker, the only man to jump six metres this year, which means a bonanza for Australian athletics fans.
Both Burgess and Hooker, who moved to Perth from Melbourne to train under coaching guru Alex Parnov in May, are excited about the prospect of having the world's best on their doorstep.
"I think it's going to be some of the best comps in the world," Burgess said.
"If we can get the American guys out here, they could be as competitive as any Golden League meet. It could be an amazing season."
Hooker, the Commonwealth Games gold medal winner who pipped his best mate by just two ranking points for the No. 1 title, is confident the presence of the world's best will push the bar into the 6m range.
"It could be as competitive as any Golden League but with better conditions," said Hooker, who set a personal best of 5.96m in Berlin in September.
"That level of intensity provides an opportunity to jump really high."
The biggest event for the vaulters over the Australian season will be the World Tour opener in Melbourne on March 2.
While Gibilisco is expected to make his move permanent to work with Burgess, Hooker and Parnov, the Americans are coming over to soak up the perfect training conditions which they know have been the secret behind the Aussie takeover.
"It seems like it's becoming the pole vault capital of the world," Burgess said.
While they don't actually do their major jumping sessions together, Parnov lets slip updates at crucial times to stoke their competitive fires.
"We actually don't train together that much ... (but) I'll hear what Steve did in his running session so I'll run as hard as him," Burgess said.
Hooker added: "(Alex) will say that Paul jumped 5.36m off six steps which is unbelievable. It's pretty crazy and that gets me fired up to really jump in my jumping session."
The pair have come up with an interesting way of remaining focused.
"We've decided girls are a no-go zone, sorry, I don't mean girls, but girlfriends," Hooker, 24, said.
"You know, exclusive, steady, long-term relationships are a no-go zone. We are going to try and keep our athletics as our main focus and keep the grief women provide out of the picture.
"If one of us does slip into one of those horrible, horrible relationships, you have to pay the other person $5000."
Burgess, 27, said the pact would last until the Beijing Olympics.

Women off-limits to pole-vault pair

(The Australian)

STEVE HOOKER and Paul Burgess have come up with a novel way of staying on top of their game, at least when it comes to pole vaulting.

Dimitri Markov, Steve Hooker and 'Budgie' Burgess. 
Canberra, Telstra "A" Meet 2006

The Perth-based pair have finished the international season as the world No.1 (Hooker) and No.2 (Burgess) -- the first time Australians have achieved the feat since 1968 when Maureen Caird and Pam Ryan (nee Kilborn) won gold and silver in the 80m hurdles at the Mexico Olympics.
Back home after sweeping all before them during the European season, Hooker and Burgess decided they needed to make a few extra sacrifices if they were to continue their dominance to the 2008 Beijing Olympics and equal the Caird-Ryan medal haul.
Along with fatty food and excessive partying, they have sworn off love, or at least long-term relationships. The crazy idea came from Hooker, a high-spirited, lanky lad who won the Commonwealth Games gold medal in March and finished the season with victory at the IAAF World Cup in Athens in September.
"We are trying to stay focused on our athletics so we've decided girls are a no-go zone," Hooker said yesterday in Brisbane where he was promoting the domestic season.
"Sorry I didn't mean girls -- I meant girlfriends. You know exclusive, steady, long-term relationships are a no-go zone. We are going to try to keep our athletics as our main focus and keep the grief women provide out of the picture. If one of us does happen to slip into one of those horrible, horrible relationships, you have to pay the other person $5000."
Hooker moved from Melbourne to Perth in May to train alongside Burgess and it paid off for both in Europe. Burgess, who was injured at the Commonwealth Games, had a brilliant international season and won the World Athletics Final in Stuttgart.
Other top pole vaulters want to get in on their act. World champion in 2003, Italy's Giuseppe Gibilisco relocated to Perth last month to work with their coach, Alex Parnov, and has moved into Burgess' house.
Americans Brad Walker and Toby Stevenson are likely to come to compete in Perth, as well as A-Series meets in Sydney (February 17) and Melbourne (March 2), making for world-class pole vaulting competitions.
While the no-girls bet is a light-hearted pact, the pair is serious about leading Australian athletics into a new era of success, building on the 16-gold medal haul at the Commonwealth Games.
Hooker said the fact he and Burgess are on top of the world was a sign of good times ahead for the sport.
"We've got so many good young athletes coming through, there were so many promising performances this year in Europe and the fact that the major championships are going to be in our time zone over the next few years will give us an opportunity to excel," he said.
President of Athletics Australia Rob Fildes said: "However just as 2006 was crucial, so are the next two years and to borrow a footy cliché, we are only as good as our last game."

High Fliers shooting for the stars in 2007. Inspiring follow-up on Steve and Paul from Athletics Australia.
Australian Pole Vault results 18 November 2006 - AA | 3.02pm-
Adelaide: Club Relay Champs.
Mansfield 4.60m,M.Fox 4.20m,Toumazos 4.10m,Parkinson 4.00m
Women: Tankosic 3.30m,Rudaks 3.10m
Melbourne: Shield Comp at Aberfeldie
Men: Malone 4.50m
Women: Hill (Gbr) 3.70m,Thompson 3.25m,Simone Cairoli 3.25m,Holland 3.10m
Brisbane: League and Rebel Sports Super Series at Nathan.
Arbuthnot 4.40m,Dickson 4.20m,Mitchell
Wake 4.10m,McCarthy 4.00m
A.Boyd 4.35m, Paton 3.40m,Samantha Lee 3.20m

A Boyd, Canberra 06
Launceston: Interclub at St.Leonards
Dwyer 3.30m
Melbourne: Shield Comp at Box Hill
Filshie 5.00m
De Rijke (Ned) 4.35m,Sherry 4.20m,Todd Dawson 4.00m,Wendt 4.00m
Women: Lynn 3.80m,Williams 3.40m,Hartigan 3.20m,Zerella
3.20m,Buchanan 3.20m

J Filshie, Canberra 06
Ballarat: Shield Comp. Matthew Bews 4.00m
Perth: Strive Athletics at Perry Lakes
V.Parnov 3.90m, Tiong 3.65m, Carre 3.65m, Birtles 3.55m, E.Parnov 3.45m, Green 3.35m, Pearce 3.35m
Australian Pole Vault results, 4 to 11 Nov 2006 (AA results No. 23)
Jacinta Lynn, Box Hill 
at Sydney in 2005
4/11 Geelong: Shield Comp.
women: Lynn 3.90m,Carre 3.80m,Ditton 3.60m,Williams 3.40m
11/11 Adelaide: Interclub.
Macdermot 4.60m,Mansfield 4.50m,Toumazos 4.10m,Parkinson & M. Fox 4.00m
women: Rudaks 3.30m,Wong 3.20m
11/11 Canberra: Interclub: Nic Fox 4.20m
11/11 Melbourne: Shield Comp at Aberfeldie:
Jackson Bews 4.05m, women: Hill (Gbr) 3.65m
11/11 Melbourne: Shield Comp at Box Hill.
Filshie 4.85m,Wendt 4.05m,Sander De Rijke (Ned) 4.05m
women: Lynn 4.15m,Ditton 4.05m,Williams 3.50m,Kruger 3.35m,Zerella 3.20m
AUSTRALIAN ATHLETIC RESULTS No21 2006 (PV extracted from AA results)
13/10 Gold Coast: PB Series 6. 
Men: A.Dziubinski 4.80m,McCarthy 4.60m,Blake Thompson 4.30m
Women: Lucock 3.70m,Samantha Lee 3.00m
14/10 Adelaide: Interclub at Santos Stadium.
Mansfield 4.80m,Sims 4.40m
14/10 Melbourne: All-Comers Meet at Aberfeldie
Malone 4.40m
Women: Carre 3.30m,K.Thompson 3.10m
19-22/10 Brisbane: Queensland All-Schools Champs.
U/18 boys: B.Thompson 4.20m
U/16 girls: Li 3.10m
21/10 Adelaide: Interclub at Santos Stadium.
Mansfield 4.50m,Macdermot 4.50m
U/20: Dobo 4.30m
22/10 Launceston: Interclub at St. Leonards.
Dwyer 3.45m, L.Vaessen 3.00m
AUSTRALIAN ATHLETIC RESULTS No22 2006 (PV extracted from AA results)
24/9 Yokohama, Japan: (3) Howe 4.47m
28/29.10 Adelaide: Powerade All-Schools Champs at Santos Stadium:
U/18 Girls:
Wong 3.10
U/17 Boys: Harry Parkinson 4.20m,Fox 4.10m
U/16 Boys: Theophilus Toumazos 4.10m
28/10 Launceston: Interclub at St. Leonards.
Dwyer 3.40m
28/10 Sydney: RESI Club Comp at Campbelltown.
Clerc Aurelie 3.60m
29/10 Perth: Strive Program.
Women: Birtles 3.80m,Tiong 3.60m,Liz Parnov 3.40m,Pearce 3.30m
3-5/11 Perth: WA All-Schools at Perry Lakes.
U/18 Girls:
Birtles 3.90m,Green 3.00m
U/16 Girls: Pearce 3.30m
U/14 Girls: Liz Parnov 3.40m
4/11 Adelaide: Interclub at Santos Stadium:
Men: Markov 5.30m,Macdermot & Mansfield 4.70m,Sims 4.40m, Toumazos, Parkinson & Fox 4.00m
Women: Rudaks 3.20m
4/11 Melbourne: Pole Vault comp at Melbourne University.
Malone 4.00m
Women: Lynn & Ditton 3.80m Hill (Gbr) 3.60m,Thompson 3.20m,Holland 3.00m
21/10 Melbourne: All-Comers at Box Hill.
Filshie 4.40m,Wendt 4.20m,Malone 4.20m,Sherry 4.00m
Women: Ditton 3.80m,Lynn 3.80m,Carre 3.60m,Hill (Gbr) 3.60m,Williams 3.20m,Kruger 3.20m,Buchanan 3.20m,
K.Thompson 3.20m
(34 vaulters took part in men & women)!!
High Fliers shooting for the stars in 2007

The world’s top two pole vaulters, Australian’s Steve Hooker and Paul Burgess, have their eyes set on medals and the six metres barrier, when they take to the runway in 2007. 

Paul Burgess at Perry Lakes '05

Burgess has already cleared the six-metre barrier, a feat he achieved in Perth in February 2005, whilst Commonwealth Games and World Cup champion Steve Hooker is yet to clear the magical mark. 

The Perth-based training partners see the ideal conditions provided by competitions over the Australian summer could provide the perfect opportunity to challenge Dimitri Markov’s Australian record of 6.05m, a mark only two other men on world athletics have conquered. 

“We came back from Europe as the number one and two in the world and we still have already had some of our best sessions since we have returned from Europe so we hope that will pay off,” explained Steve Hooker at the 2007 Telstra Australian Athletics Season Launch this morning. 

“We are pushing each other in training and I also get to keep an eye on what he is doing – and it’s also good fun training with your mate.” 

Hooker added that he was hopeful that the 6.00m mark would fall. 

I’m feeling really confident that I can put something like that together this season – I had so many comps where I was pushing that level this year, so I’ve had plenty of good cracks at it.  All of those meets had not ideal conditions, nothing like we should get in Australia this summer.” 

Burgess revealed that 2003 pole vault world champion, Italian Guiseppe Gibilisco, had already arrived in Perth and is staying with Burgess in Perth, hoping to learn the secrets of the Aussie vaulting duo.
“It’s good to have such a strong training group, we should have some great competitions this summer – you could jump 5.90m and still finish third,” Burgess said.

Best season ever shows the makes of a true champ at Daegu, Korea. 
28 September 2006 | 18:00

In a part of the world that has seen the best of Sydney Olympic's favourite pole vaulter, Tatiana Grigorieva improved her PB to a world class 4.58m. Second only to the current world record holder (undergoing a "year of transition", oh well...) Grigorieva caps in this form what showed to be an outstanding campaign by anyone's standards.
2GRIGORIEVA Tatiana AUS4.58m
3RYSICH NastjaGER4.35m
4SCHWARTZ JillianUSA4.05m
5CHOI Yun-heeKOR3.70m

Tatiana re-visits her personal best in Yokohama - Wow!



Tatiana Grigorieva heads towards the bar in the pole vault at the World Champs in Helsinki

25 September 2006 | 12.15pm

Australian athletes continued their winning form on the weekend with Tatiana Grigorieva setting a new personal best leap of 4.57 metres and Sarah Jamieson taking out the 1500 metres.

After leaving the golden glory of Europe, the athletics fraternity headed to Asia with meets in Yokohama, Japan and Shanghai, China.

Tatiana Grigorieva continued her sensational season with a new personal best leap of 4.57m in the pole vault. She finished second to Yelena Isinbayeva, the 24-year-old world record holder from Russia, who won with a new meet record of 4.72m. Commonwealth Games gold medallist Kym Howe finished third with a leap of 4.47 metres.

A rejuvenated Grigorieva continues to display exceptional form. In August, the Olympic silver medallist equalled her 4.56m personal best in Brussels, which she had previously set in Yokohama in 2001.

(Extracted from Athletics Australia, 25/09/06)

World Rankings
Men's Pole Vault
18 September 2006 (11 September 2006) 

... say no more.

Pl. (Pl.) AthleteBirthNatScore
1.(2.)Steven HOOKER 82AUS1359
2.(1.)Paul BURGESS 79AUS1357
3.(3.)Brad WALKER 81USA1347
4.(4.)Tim LOBINGER 72GER1315
5.(5.)Fabian SCHULZE 84GER1290
6.(6.)Toby STEVENSON 76USA1289
7.(8.)Daichi SAWANO 80JPN1287
8.(7.)Aleksandr AVERBUKH 74ISR1280
9.(9.)Alhaji JENG 81SWE1272
10.(11.)Romain MESNIL 77FRA1257
Hooker flies to World Cup win

2006 Commonwealth games - Steven Hooker

18 September 2006 | 8.08am

Steve Hooker won the pole vault to reclaim the number one ranking in the world from training partner Paul Burgess
Hooker went into the competition a clear favourite but failed his first attempts at both 5.60m and his eventual winning height of 5.80 metres to put a slight flutter through his own mind and those of his support team. 
But his second vaults at each height were towering clearances, far more indicative of the wonderful form he has been in for the whole season. His second clearance at 5.80m came just as Mottram was enjoying a lap of the stadium to the ubiquitous sounds of ‘Men at Work’s’ "Land Down Under." (nice touch...)
"It has been a long season. I am very tired now. I am glad it is all over. I can go back home, take a rest and then get back into it - because what lies ahead is something I am excited about," said the Victorian who has recently relocated to Perth to train with Alex Parnov 's squad. 
He has reason to be excited as he is almost certain to become the new world number one when the next edition of the IAAF Rankings are released this week, taking over from training partner Paul Burgess who triumphed in the Stuttgart World Final seven days before. The two are likely to remain at the head of the list for at least six months.

Burgess leaps to Number One in IAAF World Rankings

Campbelltown - Telstra A Meet - Paul "Budgie" Burgess in the Mens Pole Vault

13 September 2006 | 11.01am

Pole vaulter Paul Burgess has been rewarded for his victory in the World Athletics Final last weekend with the number One ranking in the world, following the release of the latest International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) rankings today.
Twenty-seven Australians are currently ranked in the top twenty, with ten reaching the top ten - a sign of the increasing depth and level of performance of Australian athletes in 2006.
Commonwealth champions Steve Hooker, Bronwyn Thompson and Nathan Deakes are all ranked second on the latest rankings, based on performances and results over the past twelve months.
Burgess moved from number three to the top spot courtesy of his win in Stuttgart, with Steve Hooker remaining in second after finishing fifth in the Final. The training partners now hold the top two places on the global list after dominating their event, both in Australia and in Europe in 2006.
Burgess won the Telstra Australian title in February in Sydney, before a World Athletics Tour win in Osaka, a Golden League win in Rome and victory in the World Athletics Final last weekend along with a string of podium finishes in 2006.
Hooker has collected victories at the Commonwealth Games, the World Athletics Tour in Melbourne and Helsinki, and a Golden League win in Berlin where he jumped a personal best of 5.96m. He will get the chance to move to the top of the ranking list at this weekend’s IAAF World Cup in Athens as neither Burgess nor world number three Brad Walker (USA) will be in action.

The ranking system is based on the two main elements of all track & field performances, the measured results of athletes and their placings during competition. Athletes’ performances can be considered in all competitions from grass roots to elite international level – with regular appearances at the major IAAF World Tour events important in collecting ranking points.

1  Isinbaeva Yelena---O--XO-XXX
Pyrek Monika-XOOOOXXX
Stuczynski Jennifer-OOOX-XX
Grigorieva TatianaOOOXXX
Murer FabianaOXOOXXX
Spiegelburg SilkeOOXOXXX
Ryjikh NastjaOXOXXX
Tatiana places Fourth at the Stuttgart IAAF Final
Sunday 10 September 2006

First attempt clearances sure count! 
Sheer determination to do better were enough for Tatiana Grigorieva from Australia to prevail against her Brazilian and German rivals. This caps an illustrious year for the Sydney Olympics silver medallist. Not only did she come back but did it in style...
Kym Howe is definitely showing signs of recovery with a clear promise of better to come next week-end at Athens, Greece

Yelena Isinbayeva started her campaign at 4.60m and after Pyrek had failed with her three attempts at 4.70m, the World record holder took over. If not vintage, she did enough - and all with a huge smile.

It's been a Burgess day!
Saturday 9 September 2006

Pre-meet favourite Paul Burgess needed just a pair of jumps to seal the victory in the Pole Vault, winning on the count-back with a 5.82m clearance.
The 27-year-old Australian, a former World Junior champion, opened at 5.65 before needing just one go at 5.82 to beat Germany’s Tim Lobinger and American Toby Stevenson, who tied for second. Burgess, who last year joined the event’s still exclusive six metre club, topped out three tries at 5.92. 
“I came here to win,” said Burgess. “And this win is huge for me, it is a big deal.” Burgess said that he might use part of his $30,000 first place prize for a new surfboard.
For Stevenson, the Olympic silver medallist, his 5.82, was a season’s best.
Stuttgart native Fabian Schulze performed well, finishing fourth after a first attempt clearance at 5.75. Australian Steven Hooker was fifth at the same height, while defending champion Brad Walker, also the World Indoor champion, had an off day, and finished seventh (5.65).
(From Event by Event, IAAF)

The IAAF World Athletics Final will be broadcast on SBS on 24 September from 11:00am - 12:00pm.
Start lists, previews and live results are available from the IAAF website – http://www.iaaf.org/WAF06

(It has been 38 years since two Australians have finished 1 – 2 in the official IAAF rankings. A feat Australian’s Maureen Caird and Pam Ryan accomplished in the 80m hurdles after the 1968 Mexico Olympics.)

Hooker and Burgess set to jostle for lucrative booty in Stuttgart Final
6 September 2006 | 11.24am
With a total prize purse of US$2,976,500 (A$3,890,849) up for grabs at this weekend’s IAAF World Athletics Final, ten Australians have qualified to jostle for the impressive winner’s cheque of US$30,000.
The superstars of the IAAF World Athletics Tour will converge on Stuttgart, Germany, to compete in the ‘mini-world championships’ on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of September 2006. The IAAF World Athletics Final caps off a sensational 2006 tour, which began in Melbourne in March.

Pole vaulters Steve Hooker and Paul Burgess are in excellent form leading into the event and have been almost impossible to separate throughout the European circuit. Both athletes are looking to be the first Australians to win an event at the World Athletics Final, since Cathy Freeman crossed the line first in the 400m in 1996. Commonwealth Games champion Steve Hooker took out a magnificent victory and personal best height of 5.96m at the recent IAAF Golden League meeting in Berlin. Hooker is ranked second coming into the event, with his training partner and former world junior champion Paul Burgess ranked number one, however both will face stiff competition from the United State’s Brad Walker.

Tatiana Grigorieva and Commonwealth Games champion Kym Howe will compete in the women’s pole vault event. Grigorieva equalled her five-year-old personal best, leaping 4.56m at the IAAF Golden League in Brussels last week. The 30-year-old Grigorieva proving that she still has the determination and ability to return to the form she displayed at the Sydney Olympics.
Ranked number five on the tour standings, Howe, has hopefully recovered from a chest infection that forced her to miss the IAAF World Tour meeting in Monaco, resulting in a poor performance at last week’s IAAF Golden League meet in Brussels.

Hooker wins with new PB at Berlin Golden League
4 September 2006 | 7.41am

Viktor Chistiakov third at Palio Città della Quercia - Rovereto (ITA)
Wednesday, August 30, 2006 5.60m. Official Result

Another 4.51m for Tatiana at Monaco, wow!
20 August 2006 | 20:45

Results from Herculis - Monaco (MON)

Walker, Burgess and Hooker, in that order at Zurich
19 August 2006 | 9.12am
(Extracted from Athletics Australia news release 19/08/06)

Parnov collects "pretty cool" bronze at World Juniors in Beijing
18 August 2006 | 10.54pm

Monaco – Sunday 20 August -  Tatiana Grigorieva (pole vault)

Australians Tatiana Grigorieva and Kym Howe continued their solid form finishing fourth and fifth respectively. Both clearing 4.45m at the Norwich Union Grand Prix 
(extract from IAAF News,

Parnov breaks U/20 Vault Record
(News release 20/7/06)

Burgess and Hooker First and Second at Rome Golden Gala
(News release 15/7/06)

8/7 Paris, France: IAAF Golden League at St. Denis. women: PV(5) Grigorieva 4.51m
7/8.7 Mannheim, Germany: PV(1) Burgess 5.92m, women: PV(4) V. Parnov 4.20m
Tatjana announces her retirement. Australia Day 2007
Our tribute to a champion. 
"You caught our eye (My son's and mine as we watched Sydney 2000) a couple of days before the pole vault final. It suddenly dawned upon us that may be Australia still had a chance. It may be that all was not lost once Emma was out because of injury.

You were not just willing, though. The amazing thing was that you were also technically ready and vaulting at your peak.  We just couldn't believe our eyes or our ears. Ready to take over and carry the flag... this was all good stuff.
And so, you did take over and carried on with tenacity, even until now. Then came Roy and HG. They sealed it and made it public.

What you proved to us in the 2006 European season is that you are the best... in your own right."
Thanks for that.
(For an outstanding credit to Tatiana please read the Athletics Australia article)

Boston Indoor Games, 27/01/07. Steve on borrowed poles. (... to keep the tradition alive?)
Canberra Telstra A Results, 27/01/07
Section 1:
1, Kym Howe, WAIS, 4.45m. 2, Alana Boyd, QAS, 4.45m. 3, Rosanna
 Ditton, VIC, 4.20m. 4, Charmaine Lucock, QLD, 4.05m. 5, Jacinta Lynn, VIC,
 3.90m. 6, Vicky Parnov, WAIS, 3.90m. 7, Simone Carre, VIC, 3.90m. 8, Jana
 Tankosic, SA, 3.75m.
The 100th Millrose Games - Results:
Men's SG Record: M 5.95m, Sergey Bubka
Event 26  Women Pole Vault
 1 Brad Walker               USA 5.80m   19-00.25 1 Yelena Isinbayeva    RUS 4.82m 
5.35  5.50 5.60 5.70 5.80 5.88 
PPP   PPP    O   XO     O    XXX
4.43  4.53 4.63 4.73 4.82 4.92
PPP   PPP    O    O     XO   XXX
2 Steven Hooker            AUS 5.80m   19-00.25 2 Jenn Stuczynski       USA 4.53m 
5.35   5.50  5.60  5.70  5.80 5.88
4.23 4.33 4.43 4.53 4.63 4.73
3 Jeff Hartwig                 USA 5.70m   18-08.25 3 April Steiner             USA 4.53m 
5.35 5.50 5.60 5.70 5.80
PPP    O     O     O    XXX
4.23 4.33 4.43 4.53 4.63
PPP   XO    O   XO  XXX
4 Russ Buller                  USA 5.60m   18-04.50 4 Fabiana Murer         BRA 4.53m 
5.35 5.50 5.60 5.70
PPP   XO    O  XXX
4.23 4.33 4.43 4.53 4.63
5 Toby Stevenson         USA 5.60m   18-04.50 5 Mary Sauer              USA 4.43m 
5.35  5.50  5.60 5.70
4.23 4.33 4.43 4.53
PPP    O     O    XXX
The 100th Millrose Games, February 2nd, Madison Square Garden. Results
The two future Hall of Famers will join Yelena Isinbayeva, the Olympic gold medallist, World Champion and World-Record-holder in the pole vault who is making her U.S. debut here and Australian pole vaulter Steve Hooker, ranked #1 in the world.

“I’ve always wanted to compete in the United States. Pole vault is so big in America I wanted to come over and compete against the US athletes in front of their home crowd,” 
Hooker explained to Athletics Australia Media from New York.

Time Table:
Fred Schmertz Pole Vault (m), 7:00 pm (Sat 3/02/2007 4:00:00 AM AEST)
Adidas Pole Vault (w), 8:30 pm (3/02/2007 5:30:00 AM AEST)

Men's Pole Vault

1 Steven Hooker AUS 5.81m 19-00.75
2 Russ Buller USA 5.61m 18-04.75
3 Jeff Hartwig USA 5.51m 18-01.00
4 Daniel Ryland USA 5.31m 17-05.00
Steve Hooker cleared 5.81 metres to win the men’s pole vault. The world number one ranked pole vaulter just pipped Paul Burgess’ previous national indoor record leap of 5.80m which was set in Donetsk last year. (AA news)
Steven Hooker, men's pole vault, 5.81m/19-0.75 Australian Indoors Record:
"I'm happy with what I jumped. This is my first indoor result. I was jumping on Hartwig's poles ... I had a really tough warm up and I had to work my way into the competition. Sometimes when you have a bad warm-up, it's a kick in the pants." 
On competing indoors for the first time: "I liked it. Indoors takes the wind out of the equation so you can made educated adjustments." 
(extracted from USATF quotes, 27/01/07)

Isinbayeva raises her indoor world record to 4.93m at Donetsk

At the annual event, organized by pole vault great Sergei Bubka, Isinbayeva beat the rest of the field with a jump of 4.82m.

She then moved the bar to 4.92m - a mark she failed to clear at the world championships in Moscow last season and at the Millrose Games in New York last week.
-She missed two attempts at that height and then raised the bar by one centimetre to 4.93m for her last attempt.-
clever tactical move (to short-wire everyone's disapproval about her "year of transition") as somehow explained by her following comments:

It was Isinbayeva' s 20th world record.
"I can't describe how happy I am because I had a very tough year in 2006," the tearful 24-year-old admitted.
Isinbayeva has struggled for form after splitting with her long-time coach Yevgeny Trofimov in November 2005.
Moral: When stuck... do something unusual to free yourself!

Isinbayeva won $50,000 for the record and a kilogram of pure gold as a bonus from the organizers.

Thursday 11th January '07. New club
Dear diary... oops, sorry. 
Well, a few weeks ago I decided time was ripe to switch to a small, personalized suburban club. That "famous" big venue at Homebush is just so, so busy... but hey, I found Bankstown Athletics! -which by the way was in dire need of a pole vault coach. 
You know... it's a nice feeling to be needed. These people welcomed me with open arms and a big heart. They have gone out of their way to help make pole vault there a success. It almost feels like... home. They already have a pit and offered to buy the poles we will need. Not the lot, just the poles we need. -Yes, I doubted that too but they say they'll do it for as long as the performances are there. Fair enough.
This is good because vaulting poles are a rare commodity around here. There again, like many colleges in the US that share with another college the poles they don't need, we are already sharing what is not being used. It then makes it a lot easier for the athletes to make continued, good progress. 
Meantime RC, from RBH, says their fund raising is going good too, interesting days...
Monday 8th January '07. Name change
Decided to change the name of this website, basically to avoid any possible conflict, from RBH PV to East & West Pole Vault. Not that there is any conflict to worry about, don't misunderstand me. The fact is that I'm coaching for different clubs and I do not wish to disappoint any by looking as if I'm taking sides. As far as I'm concerned I want to raise pole vaulters irrespective of where they are and who they belong to. Yep, pole vaulters are the reason we're here in the first place, lest we forget.
Monday 11th September '06. Fund raising for RBH
"Life wasn't meant to be easy" Famous words and it probably wasn't Malcolm Frazer that said them first but Adam when he left the garden ... or was it Eve...
We will get the pole vault facilities the old fashion way after all. Raising sponsorships and selling chocolates. No big Function, no limelight... no Tatiana helping us. That means that the Eastern Subs of Sydney will have to wait till next year now before mums and dads can experience the ultimate pleasure! ...drive the kids to pole vault. Next year is the 100th anniversary of the Randwick Botany Harriers Athletics Club. I heard it from the grapevine that there will be some sort of... Grand Opening? (Have you ever felt you are the last to know what you should already know?)
Monday 14th August '06. Surplus equipment
Well, ALL of the Commonwealth Games Equipment stays in Victoria. Good on them. That means we will not get the pit and uprights free after all!
The matter was brought up at the monthly meeting of the club, when a few appropriate fund-raising suggestions were put forward. The amount we need to raise is specified in the Sponsorships/Financials page. 
Tuesday 11th July, 2006. Five poles

Randwick Botany Harriers had their monthly meeting at the Maroubra RSL Club yesterday. After all matters were considered and by... unanimous decision the executive approved the initial purchase of five poles to assist coaching for the first year! 

- Poles have been ordered and will arrive from the US in about 6 weeks.-