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  • Good news: 
  • Bankstown Athletics is purchasing the poles we need. At the present time we do not need to raise funds for poles at Bankstown Sports Athletics. 
  • We are trying an exiting system of pole-sharing between two clubs and... by George! it is working fine so far.
  • Coach believes that the same system will work for Randwick Botany athletes and coaching has already started at ES Marks as well.
  • In the old days of the stiff pole a pole vaulter would use probably no more than a couple of poles during his career.
  • Not so nowadays. Flexible poles have increased the world record by more than 1.35m since the 1960's. But at a cost:
  • These days each pole vaulter will need at least three poles in the first season or two. If a vaulter holds promise, that number will increase to between 6 poles in the first three years to more than 12 in a full 10 year career.
  • True, each pole can be shared by several pole vaulters... and they are, whenever possible. But more clubs than we can poke a stick at, have disappeared owed to increasing costs (My first coach, a world class vaulter in the 50's, for instance). That used to happen because no provision was made... and it caught them by surprise.
  • We, like all modern Pole Vault clubs in Australia and the world, gratefully accept sponsorships and memberships
  • If you need to re-assure yourself, please have a look at the price of today's vaulting poles... Plus pits, mats, stands and so on, poles are the least expensive of the equipment our boys and girls use.