Who we are

Phillip's brief artist background notes:

Currans Hill artist Phil Carrero started as an impressionable 16 year old drawing charcoal portraits through the streets of Buenos Aires. He worked his way up from drawing to painting and begun to sell his works a few years later.
Phillip graduated in 1969 as a primary and elemental teacher, in a family where dozens of direct relatives are school teachers. His passion for art and teaching nature would come together some time later, in the new world.
Coming to Australia in 1973 , at the age of 23, Mr Carrero continued his studies in Art and completed an art apprenticeship to get himself better acquainted with portraiture painting. Meanwhile, for almost ten years produced and sold over 70 ship portraits and marine paintings. After those years in the 70's he begun getting around 12 commissions a year for just portrait work. That's the point when he begun to make a living out of painting, he recalls. He paints in the Traditional, Realistic style English and Italian schools, his portraits sometimes resemble the Grand Manner style of the 19th and 20th centuries in England and later, Europe and the New World.
(extracted from "Artist has brush with thieves", Macarthur Advertiser, January 2004)
In the late nineties Phillip proposed to the Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre to paint sports portraits of athletes that had competed in Sydney through the years. The proceeds would go towards buying poles for up and coming pole vaulters. After a due verification of credentials he was provided the wall space and the exposure which made this possible!

This marks an important stage in Phillip's timeline in that his passions of painting and athletics came together. 90% and more of his commissions from then on were paintings from athletes in action. Some went to display at the Olympic Centre, others direct to athletes, while some went to form collections overseas.
(You can vew Phillip's last 30 years of paintings at: https://michelangelofineart.com.au/wpart/)

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Our Advantages

  • Teaching Realistic art to children:

    We love teaching art to children. Our philosophy is quite simple: To engage, inspire and teach art with age-appropriate techniques and subjects. There is no reason that refined techniques like Alla Prima drawing and painting can not be learned by, and lovingly taught to, 6 to 12 year olds. Their comprehension at what we call an "early age" is astounding. To teach your hand to do what your eye see is the same on a 40 year old as it is on a 6 or 10 year old. The main difference is in the methods aplied to teaching it and... loving care never fails!

  • Building Artists can start from an early age:

    Our classes do more than just develop their natural skills:
    First is CONFIDENCE. They become more secure in trying out new things they haven't done before.
    Second is CONCENTRATION. They are able to focus on their tasks for longer periods of time.
    Third is COMMUNICATION. Invariably they ask their tutor questions to gain a better understanding of he lesson.
    Fourth is CHEERFULNESS. Our students become happier kids. Our classes bring about a more consistence happy countenance out of them. Confidence, Concentration, Communication, Cheerfulnes. Wow!!

  • Building a safe environment promotes Creativity:

    Everyone loves to draw if they are given a nonthreatening environment with enough structure for success and enough freedom for creativity.
    The particular sequence of lessons builds a safe environment as it teaches students to use the basic elements of shapes and light to analyze and break down what they see.
    Development of perceptual and analytical skills increases critical thinking and problem solving.
    Easy and quick artistic success also builds self-esteem, and this confidence is transferable to other educational areas.

our teachers



Phillip Carrero

Phillip is a qualified elementary and early primary teacher.
He has over 40 years experience teaching drawing and painting to children and adults alike.
"Train a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6


Upcoming Events (...2020) 

The Camden Art Prize 2020

The Camden Art Prize is held annually to promote the visual arts within the local government area of Camden and district, and to broaden and stimulate community perception of art with particular reference to Australian works. The competition is ope to anyone in Australia.
Start Date: Friday 8 May - official opening 8.00pm doors open 7.30pm
Finish Date: Friday 15 May - 12.30pm to 4.00pm
Cost: Free Admisison. Location: Camden Civic Centre, upper level
Contact: 0499 636 885. Email: entries@camdenartprize.com.au
Bookings: https://www.trybooking.com/436910

Winter exhibition- The Camden Fine Art Gallery -

Tba. Camden Civic Centre, Undercroft Foyer.
Approx. Thursday, June 27 to Saturday, June 29                   

Fisher's Ghost Art Award Exhibition 2020

Date tba. Around 1st October every year.
Fisher's Ghost Art Award is an annual art prize inviting artists to submit works in a variety of artistic categories and mediums. With a total of $38,000 in prize money to be won, the Open section is acquisitive to the Campbelltown City Council collection and is valued at $25,000.

ARTEXPRESS 2020 - 6 Feb - 26 Apr 2020   

Featuring a selection of outstanding student artworks developed for the art-making component of the HSC examination in Visual Arts 2019, ARTEXPRESS 2020 provides an insight into students' creativity and the issues important to them.
The exhibition encompasses a broad range of approaches and expressive forms, including ceramics, collection of works, documented forms, drawing, graphic design, painting, photomedia, printmaking, sculpture, textiles and fibre, and time-based forms.                       

What's New?

  • Be creative beyond your wildest dreams... monthly workshops.

  • Let your imagination go, grow and blossom! Get inspired and paint freely or paint a copy of a famous master piece! At Michelangelo Art School you create a composition as if you are the next Van Gogh or Caravaggio.
    For younger children we have a special teaching method – best suited to their experience and also different subjects to paint. For older children and adults we propose the creation of a copy of one of the Masterpieces from the Renaissance or the Baroque period.

    Workshops are designed to build confidence, develop skills, enable creative exploration and enhance learning in a supportive studio environment. These classes can be an entrée to something else or a self-contained fulfilling experience.

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