About Commissions

Phillip Carrero Portrait Commissions

Phillip appreciates your interest in commissioning him to create a magnificent painting, pastel or drawing for you. His goal is to work closely with you to produce a unique, personalized portrait that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

Honored to be commissioned to paint your loved ones’ portraits, Phillip is committed to providing you with a portrait that will exceed your greatest expectations. He takes his work very seriously and treats each subject with the utmost respect, sensitively and beautifully capturing their essence.

Phillip welcomes your feedback and collaborates with you throughout the creative process—he wants you to love your portrait! Phil puts his heart and soul into your project, incorporating your personal preferences and tastes into his work. He emails you as your portrait is being created so that you can view the work in progress and give him your input. It’s not a finished work until you are completely thrilled with your commission! The process is fun, and Phillip’s clients enjoy working with him on their projects.

It all starts by emailing or sending Phillip a reference photo that you love. If the subjects for your commission are in different photos, he might be able to combine the different images and paint the subjects into one portrait. You are encouraged to provide him with additional photos of your subjects and their surroundings so he has more reference information. If you have a concept or color scheme in mind for your painting, please inform him, as it will help him create the portrait of your dreams!

Should you need updated photos, you are welcome to schedule a complimentary photo session with Phillip at Currans Hill in Sydney, NSW. Immediately following the session you will view the photos with Phil and plan the design of your portrait. Photo sessions at your location are available. Fees vary depending on time and distance. Please contact Phillip for more details.