Sydney 2000

Sydney 2000100cm x 60cm, oil on board. Phil Carrero

Quick commission work by a dear local accountant.

In this painting I remember dabbing with powder pigments. I was still cautious and the colors remained light. Soon after I learned you can’t add too much pigment or they will take over adjoining color and darken the lot.

In this painting Sydney Harbour Fire Engine and replica of Bounty heading east towards the bridge.




60.0Cm X 90.0Cm Oil On Canvas. Phillip Carrero.

Bradley’s Head, With The Mast And Fighting Tower Of  WWI HMAS Sydney.
Reason for the name,
The WWI story goes like this:
On 9 November 1914, Sydney was detailed to leave the convoy to investigate reports of an unknown vessel off the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. This vessel turned out to be the German cruiser SMS Emden. In the resulting engagement, Sydney was hit early by the long-ranging 10.5 cm guns of Emden, which resulted in four dead and twelve wounded. However, the superior firepower of the Australian cruiser’s broadside soon told and Emden was left “beached and done for” on North Keeling Island.
The “un-told” story goes like this:
The Sydney picked up survivors of the SMS Emden, amongst whom was the German Captain von Müller.  Now, it just happened that him and Captain Glossop of the Sydney used to play tennis before the war. So, upon return to Sydney Harbour the flags were dipped in honor to the HMAS Sydney’s victory at sea.
Yet, Captain Glossop gave the honors to Captain von Müller for his valiant fight to the very end before his ship was beached by the Sydney’s fire power.
But that’s not all, the captain of the Sydney gave his German counterpart his own cabin during the sail home, in recognition of their friendship. That to me, is called “Chivalry”.
… this was also the last painting I did without people in it.

Good Mates

Good Mates35Cm X 46Cm. Oil On Canvas. Sydney Ferries “Golden Grove” And “Scarborough”, viewed from the Sydney Opera House. Phillip Carrero.



61Cm X 76Cm. Oil On Canvas. Bounty, replica by Alan Bond of the original mutiny ship. Phillip Carrero.
Sailing under the Sydney Harbour Bridge61Cm X 76Cm. Oil On Canvas. Bounty, replica by Alan Bond of the original mutiny ship. Phillip Carrero.
Sailing under the Sydney Harbour Bridge

This was a fairly quick effective painting I did. Reason was purely because I hadn’t done many with the famous “coat hanger” in it. So, I priced it very low, for quick sale. I did not want to store it in my house if possible.
Funny enough I was offered a cash deposit by the first person I showed it to. I was also told that whatever is at the same angle the bridge was in this painting would be pleasing to the eye, every time. To my surprise other three or four people also offered me cash for it except I had already sold it!

Always thought this was one of those that could have sold for many times more than it did, oh well…

A Bit Of Help


A Bit Of Help

46Cm X 61Cm. Oil On Canvas. “Our Svanen”. Mending the jibs at Port Jackson

, coming through the heads with Balmoral Beach in the background. Phillip Carrero.

Our Svanen (Our Swan)

Our Svanen16″ x 32″ (40cm x 80cm). Oil on canvas, Phil Carrero.

Built in 1922 in Denmark of Danish oak frames, Svanen traded as a grain carrier between Denmark and Greenland for the Tuborg Beer Company until 1969.
She was purchased in then as a private vessel and extensively refitted to make extensive ocean voyages, including service as a sail training vessel with the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets.
Svanen participated in the 1982 Tall Ships Race from Philadelphia to Portugal.
In 1986 after appearing at the World Expo in Vancouver, Svanen sailed to England to join the Australian Bicentennial First Fleet Re-Enactment for the historic voyage to Sydney.