Dabs in Graphite


This are a series of drawings I found in an old sketch-book under a pile of art books.
They consist of graphite B2 to B9 sticks on A3 size cartridge paper:

Preliminaries for “Foggy Morn, Cutty Sark.”, a commission showing the clipper from the Golden Age of Sail. It used to carry wool from Sydney to England where she held the record time to Britain for ten years. It shown the Aberdeen-built clipper Thermopylae in the background.

Hands. When Michelangelo moved to the Lorenzo de Medici’s palace to become a sponsored artist he met an ex Donatello’s master and teacher. He told him that if we wanted to paint the human body he should do so every single day. But what about models? Yourself, do your own foot every morning for two months from every angle, and when your done start with the other foot. Then the hands

My wife Llewena, dear friend Richard and learning to draw pearls.
Horse and foal sculpture, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney