Trisha Phoon


46Cm X 52Cm. Oil On Canvas. The Access Freak! Phillip Carrero.

This is the first of many portraits I did of my old friend. She was still living in  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Trisha Phoon has another name but not many can remember, all I know is that it sounds like “Trisha”.

I knew about her when we were both working in the Microsoft newsgroups as  MVP, “most valued professionals” helping others with Ms Access, the Ms database app. Truth is I managed to answer may be 85% of the queries while that remaining 15% was incredibly hard to tackle. At times like those I called on my ever faithful friend Trisha. Without fail, problems or equations that normally took me weeks to solve she could answer in about 5 minutes flat! Incredible analitical mind like none I’ve seen before or since.
Trisha freelanced at computer and trade shows. Last I heard Access Basic, where I ended my adventures in code, were only her beginnings, too easy. She was, and am sure still is, in the cover and dedication of every book ever written about high-end  database design. She married to Richard one day and went to live at Wimbledon, UK where they are both as happy as can be. I had the honor to paint a portrait of them on their wedding day, plus many charcoals to show my students.